Your website is an exit point. Each time I access I get really strong transmissions. I can't go back - as Neo told Morpheus in The Matrix



Website Transmission - Matrix Exit Point

The writer, E, has written two testimonials. He received a big life-shock when he experienced completely unexpected and powerful phone Transmissions within moments of talking to Oshana. He booked a flight to Helsinki even before getting absolute confirmation of a place on the January 2003 Intensives. He came with a head full of questions, and a pile of books and concerns and left a very different person.

It's like your website is an exit point. Each time I access I get really strong transmissions. I can't go back - as Neo told Morpheus in The Matrix.

Hello Oshana:

Today I tuned in to your website, and I began to read some of the articles, when I read the one where it says: "Tank, I need an Exit!" - suddenly, and unexpectedly, I opened up once more. Then, in the midst of a far away transmission, I became overwhelmed by an experience that I have no words to describe. It's like your website is an exit point, because each time I access I get really strong transmissions. I wonder, and think, why you could have shown yourself in such a way. I'm trying desperately not to think, my mind is playing bad tricks on me. I'm giving it all my best to not resist the transmission.

I don't know exactly what happened, but what I know for certain is that I felt your presence very deeply and strongly, it wasn't just that I felt you were here, I could even touch you and for a moment I even wondered if you were watching and listening to me, like we were face to face. Perfect timing too, my family would have freaked out if they saw me crying, and screaming "Oshana" like a lunatic in front of the computer. I mean you just took the airlines out of business! Donald Trump would love to get a hold of this one. Actually now that I write this very bad joke, I remember how ordinary you are. What would the world think if they saw an enlightened teacher acting like "the dude next door" - or "a lad" as you call it in Britain?

I don't know, they would probably think you are not real; after all, you have no robes, no books, no scriptures. I'm trying to write and tell you what's happening with me as we go along. It's funny, but each time I behave like myself, the way I really am, I feel that the transmission gets stronger and stronger.

P.S One thing for sure is that I can't go back - as Neo told Morpheus - And besides; I wouldn't really want to anyway. Have I written this line to you before? I get the feeling I have. Did you really do that on purpose?, were you really here with me? I know it really felt like it.

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