I wonder just how many beings on this earth today can offer that kind of assistance in a real way. Not many.

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Not Many Teachers Can Do That

Hi Oshana,

I don't want to let this be left unspoken a second time, so feeling sort of solid in this new way of being (- in a really bad choice of words) after the awakening I wanted to express my appreciation.

What you have done for me is so enormous that it is even hard to grasp. It is just too much for the mind to comprehend. I see it as a life-saving or as a giving of life and no-one could have done anything more important for me!

I feel so immensly grateful and blessed for what I have been given by you and by life. Thank you for allowing me into your life and self-lessly assisting me in changing mine. Thank you for choosing to help. I could not possibly feel any greater appreciation for you or for what you have done for me and you have a special place in my heart forever.

In the light of your questioning if you should be doing this or something else I just feel I must say how important this work also is.

One of your enlightenment teacher colleagues called A... told me once in an email that "the role of the teacher is to help you enlighten the last blocks which are most often unconscious, so that you can let go and surrender to life. This is the only way the consciousness can awaken so as to enlighten your mind to guide you to Light".

I feel that is exactly what you have done for me and can't help to wonder just how many beings on this earth today can offer that kind of assistance in a real way. Not many.

Thank you! I hope to use this well.

love L...

Hi L...

Good to hear from you and at last I am getting the message that something profound has happened to you for which you are grateful to me! In fact, you expressed it profusely! :)

This makes me want to see you to see what has happened. This is all a mystery to me. However, in the last week I've been teaching about 5 people and they have experienced unimaginable changes. So I am seeing more of this phenomenon!

If there is anything else that I can do then please let me know.

love Oshana