"It's so good to know there's someone like you willing to share "The experience" in such a free and clear way."



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"It's so good to know there's someone like you willing to share "The experience" in such a free and clear way."

Hello Oshana,

I just hung up the phone from talking with you and I would like to send you my impression: warmth, honesty, great sense of humor, deep understanding.

Even if my knowledge of it is limited, for me it's evident you are enlightened.

As I told you I have met and spent some time with someone else fully awakened and I have read Osho, Buddha, Lao Tse, etcetera, and the similarities, I mean ... you all say the same. It's like if I don't know something....

Let's say I have never seen a tropical fruit of some kind, and I meet several individuals who don't know each other, from different walks of life, who all say, "We've seen it! It's red, sweet and big as a ball." I will assume that the fruit is red, sweet and big as a ball and they all know it, right?

Simple. But also there's the feeling part. I feel you are an honest, loving, knowing, gorgeous person. And I thank you very much for sharing your time and wisdom with me. I felt so comfortable asking you maybe the silliest questions.

You are so open, giving and patient! I didn't have an experience of no-mind or awakening (yet). But that doesn't matter. It's so good to know there's someone like you willing to share "The experience" in such a free and clear way.

We talked about so many things (in case you don't remember): "Who is talking? Who is perceiving?", the movie "The Matrix", the victim mentality, "good or bad", having different points of view, having NO point of view, having no-mind experiences as moments of expansion of consciousness, how it is important to meet you in person, funny and also serious anecdotes of yours, how Enlightenment comes with great responsibility - not just bliss moments, your urge to teach Enlightenment to as many people as possible.

We talked for almost 4 hours! And you would still be talking with me if I didn't run out of questions and felt embarrassed about it. How can I thank you enough? Thank you again, for your love, patience, understanding and playful nature.

Sorry if I'm repeating things. I feel my words aren't enough to describe how pleased I am of having talked with you.

With love and deepest appreciation,

Something more: at one point you were sharing some thoughts with me and I felt such a strong emotion I started crying. I don't know if it was happiness or what, for what I thought it was such a deep and honest desire to help humanity.

I guess that happens to me when I feel related and profoundly touched. I tend to cry when I have proofs that THERE ARE people who feel the pain of others and want to help and the world is becoming a better place because of them after all.

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