Profound perspective shift,Oshana discriminating the mind's concept, a mystery going beyond the appearances

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Profound perspective shift

Dear Oshana,

As one who sat in the chair opposite you on Friday night - I can report that something profound happened to me - quite what that was is a mystery. When you asked me to uncross my legs and unlock my fingers, it felt like something inside me opened. There was a shift, a different perspective happened. So far this has stayed with me. I am reluctant to examine the process too closely as that would invite the discriminating mind to create a concept around it. On the way home from the meeting a beggar sitting on the street exclaimed 'What a beautiful flower!'. So I gave her the rose you had given me. I bowed, she smiled. On Saturday, I sat in the Tate Modern Gallery looking out through a large window across the Thames. Somehow everything appeared different, the river, the boats, the buildings, all seen from another angle to normal.

On the train home today a women sat opposite me and pulled out of her bag a copy of the same novel that I was reading. We discovered that we were only 4 pages away from each other in our reading of the book. It is called 'The Wine of Angels'. It is a fairly obscure book. She said what an incredible coincidence! I do not know her name and will probably never see her again, yet it felt that we were meant to meet. Another mystery. Maybe you know what is happening. I don't. It feels strange, yet Ok.

I have seen many teachers in my life, different styles, different personalities, some formal, some laid back. All I can say to go beyond the appearances. Things are not always as they seem.