I have come to know deeply that my mission is one of love and service and I stand ready to devote my life to it fully.Am I blessed? Beyond my wildest imaginings.



Blessed Life Mission Devoted to Love and Service

Here is the testimonial N., life-coach, healer and journalist

I just got off the phone after dialoguing with Oshana for three and a half hours. I've recorded the call and will transcribe the transcript for an article that I hope will serve others.

I have come to know deeply that my mission is one of love and service and I stand ready to devote my life to it fully.

This note is simply about my personal experience, talking to him and receiving powerful transmission through the dialogue.

Unlike our previous conversation two weeks earlier, I found myself in a rather agitated state of being. For the previous 48 hours or so, I was aware of how much of a strangle hold my false ID-Entity had over me. I'd have preferred to call Oshana when I felt more like a pure channel but I was interested in beginning our interview.

Incredible amounts of information came through in what Oshana describes as "the context" for doing what he does. For me, it provided a mental liberation of sorts. As the real energetic work played out invisibly, the cooking of the "squid" as Oshana calls it, the knowledge Oshana shared allowed me to make sense of my own life experience. Virtually everything he shared made sense to me because I have or am living it.

Of course the real work is accomplished by pulling awareness away from the false identity so it can be dismantled. Oshana describes the Transmission process as a type of surgery where he goes in and removes the entity and it is then filtered through his energy system. While I am busy engaged in the dialogue, the Intelligence of Love works to dismantle the energetic hold of the Entity.

I think I'm able to simply be with the process now after having experienced it a few times but I never know what the energetic effects will be. I find it interesting I can actually sit down and write after our call as my intellectual capabilities are usually rendered useless after Transmission.

It may sound simple but I understood in the deepest strata of my being how my basic problem is that I see myself as the squid, which prevents me from seeing my true self. It's odd because when I write that, I think well DUH, you knew that. But trust me I know it differently somehow.

I came to our call in quite a bit of physical pain and seemingly unable to detach from my stories. I didn't hide any of this from Oshana and felt no associated shame, which is in itself a victory. The shame would indicate entrenched identification with the false identity and I can see how this has had me fooled much of my life.

By the end of our call, I felt incredible calm and most of the pain is now gone. Like most of our calls, I became aware of having fewer and fewer thoughts and even now, writing this, the words seem to come from beyond mind. I seem to just type and the words appear.

I feel so incredibly comfortable with Oshana that I'm almost baffled by it. When I first met him in person in North Carolina last spring, I had a flashback to following Jesus Christ up stone steps as I was following Oshana up some stone steps. Not having any understanding of what was happening, I became very emotional and was moved to wrap my arms around Oshana and hug him. This is not something I would normally do. Such is the power of Christ Consciousness.

I would have thought I'd feel somewhat intimidated and awed in the presence of a Master. With Oshana, I feel an expanding sense of Love and almost a kinship. I do remember not being able to speak in our earliest conversations. It was as though I'd been struck dumb. I think I also knew on some level that everything I had to say came from conditioned thought patterns and Oshana can see right through that.

For the first time in their lives tonight, my children put themselves to bed. My three-and-a-half year old daughter brought me her jammies [night-wear] to put on and some juice to pour for a before bed drink. They normally "act up" when mommy's on the phone but tonight they played with each other, managed to put on their own video and when they got tired crawled into bed and went to sleep. Amazing.

I'm not sure how to express my gratitude to Oshana and Source except through a willingness to simply show up and work on accomplishing my mission.

Am I blessed? Beyond my wildest imaginings.

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