Mind minds it's own business

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Mind minds it's own business

[Oshana] Just returned to London and everything is buzzy in my energy field.

When was your dream? I seem to be busy at night.

[Questioner] I've felt inspired to write since you appeared in a dream and said to me ..what IS the problem? I felt deeply and started talking about the break up of XX (ex) and me.

You didn't appear to be listening but were concentrating very hard as though you were willing something.

[Oshana] Yes. It looks like that....

[Questioner] Then I started shaking and convulsing and all this stuff like a little brown balloons flowed out through my mouth and it all felt like a big relief as though a load of rubbish had finally been released. So ..thanks!

[Oshana] Phew. What a relief. It feels like that. Holding, releasing and relief

[Questioner] I ran out of questions because of this feeling that there is only one answer and from that point (like you said..I think) everything has to be intuited and felt.

[Oshana] Hah ha! You won't need to come to single meeting ever again - if keep getting the answers and releases this way!

[Questioner] In other words it is all happening now and one either feels and appreciates it or one doesn't. Is it like a mechanism that one can click into somehow, by accident (grace) or by remembering where the switch is?

[Oshana] IT is there all the time. Who is it that says IT isn't?

[Questioner] Can you explain surrendering . Is it a passive state?

[Oshana] Not all. You can be very active. Surrender has already happened at your Core. It always IS.

[Questioner] If surrender has already happened at our Core then does it make any difference what we are or do? If we are already BEings with our ISness then where does our humaness bit come in? How does being a human and not being seperate from GOD relate?

[Oshana] It doesn't matter at all what we are. Humaness doesn't exist. It is a culture - socially and germo-logically. Your concerns are not yours but the minds. The mind minds it's own business.

God i.e. pervades everything including the illusion of being human.

[Source: Oshana Mailing List]