Incredibly Blissful

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Incredibly Blissful

Comment: Following on from the last email the comments below could be put into the context of having experiences (let's face it all seekers could have them and all teachers have had more than enough). It also implicitly demonstrates that there is no set time for one to start teaching. I am yet to see proof that every prospective teacher should wait years, and have heard different figures from 20 years to 2 years. Well, I didn't wait that long but then it just started out as sharing.

[Oshana] Greetings (again) G...

"wow!" sounds good enough.

[G....]:-) It hasn't gone away.

Yesterday I decided to look through a few more of your list messages, and spotted the one you sent to me where you said: "expect to have your inner senses attuned to 'experience' mode." and I realised that is what happened. Words will be there the never - never haha! It seems so exquisitely beautiful, and fragile, almost as if writing about it would spoil it. I did come to realise, though, how much in my head my work has been. I will write something down and send it to the lists. I think it makes a difference when it is somebody people know who write, rather than an 'unknown'.

Oshana, what happened to me was that I felt my mind emptying out. The thoughts that came up were floating as if in space, and I could see that that is all they were, thoughts arising which would disappear again. I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. The real fun and games started when I got home. My head felt really funny when I got into bed, and I understood talk of the thousand petalled lotus, because it literally felt as if a thousand petals were unfurling on my crown. Most of the night was spent in an awareness of vastly increased consciousness or spaciousness, emptiness. And it was incredibly blissful, which is something I have rarely experienced, and something which hasn't left since.

I just read the response you sent to Ma Prem S....! and giggled. One of the things which caused me to be reluctant to come and see you is that I have had it drummed into me for four years that you never charge for spiritual teachings, and that you shouldn't teach until you have had long years of 'experience' and 'practice' after awakening. I decided to put all of that to one side and approach you with an open mind, and I am so glad I did. Actually, if awakening is outside of time and space it is really quite funny that people try to impose time limits on teaching and sharing and so on. I have laughed a lot these last few days.

Sorry this got to be long; I know you are busy, don't feel you have to respond to all of it. I am not sure where I will go from here, I still want to just be for a while, assimilate everything.

love, g.....

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