Oshana Energy-Work Method Classes with Enlightenment Teacher Dave Oshana. International, Finland & UK

Oshana Energy-Work Method Classes


" The key to good health is flow " ~ Oshana

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Oshana Energy-Work Method Classes

EnergyWork I Course

Oshana Energy-Work Method - an extremely powerful health-care course providing an integrated set of natural movements, self-massage, deep relaxation and breathing techniques - to improve overall health, nervous system &organ function, body posture &sensory perception, bio-energy levels &auto-immunity.

Easy to remember, fun to practice, fascinating to study!

EnergyWork I Course - weekly classes comprising of physical exercises, deep relaxation, self-massage and breathing techniques. Each class will provide a complete series of movements which can be easily practiced at home. You will learn to listen to your body, identify and dissolve potential causes of poor health.

All EnergyWork I classes are open to beginners. No need to pre-register. You can join any class. Pay on the door for one or more classes (discounts available).

Attendance of EnergyWork I is an entrance requirement for Energy-Work Intensives.

For further information see:
Oshana Energy-Work Method Overview

Attendance of one or more Oshana Energy-Work Method Classes could count as part of the entrance requirement for Oshana Enlightenment Intensives