Enlightenment Transmission Teaching Update

Multiplying Goodness
Online Event
17th Jan 2021, Sunday

Nature's Way24 hours a day immersion in peace, goodness, bliss and a profound sense of purpose and connection

12 Jan 2020 Multiplying Goodness »

Cascading Chains of Ecstasy
Online Event
10th Jan 2021, Sunday

A deep, essential and powerful core process, catalysing a cascade of spontaneous unlocking which naturally becomes an "information highway" for ecstasy.

7 Jan 2020 Cascading Chains of Ecstasy »

This Mystery, Our Life
Online Event
3rd Jan 2021, Sunday

Includes non-conceptually: Putting the Mind into Nowhere, The Zone of Ancient Energies, No Teaching, What We Knows, The Twilight Zone between Mind and Body

3 Jan 2020 This Mystery, Our Life »

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