He said, I think it's starting to kick in. And found at long last peace from his overactive mind!
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You can't stop Enlightenment!

Hi J...,

Nothing can touch me/this, but I don't stay there or allow it to engulf 'me' as I think it should?

You can't stop it engulfing you.

What you can do is pretend it isn't happening because *you* managed to stop it!

And when you have convinced yourself that you are a fool and a self-saboteur, and you probably find the easiest task in the world - but that's only because it's a bad habit - then your attention gets really distracted, and diverted away from what is really happening courtesy of the Transmission.

And then you say you lost it!

I had a 1:1 meeting with someone last week. We had sat for 15 minutes and I heard all the usual questions, doubts and excuses.

He said, "Yes, I've heard all that before. It didn't make a difference."

Me: "It is just talk though you won't hear it in many places. If you don't get a direct experience of No-Mind then I haven't given you anything."

That's a very bold statement, and I didn't have to put myself on the line. Many people hope only to get a just a brief answer from a spiritual teacher.

People need experiences - not words.

Then do you know what happened?

He said, "Oooh! I think it's starting to kick in."

And then for the next 2 hours he sat there amazed by all that he perceived and found at long last peace and freedom away from his overactive mind!

It had already happened before he had noticed it.

I can feel when there has been a strong Transmission.

For example, I felt that A… had received a Transmission when I said something specific to him at the London Enlightenment-Potentials meeting.

He only really fully noticed that something fundamental had happened to him after several days. That deep and profound perspective shift is still with him. He is very happy to have had this realisation that did not happen for him during many decades of Zen practice.

So Transmission happens first and then you notice it afterwards

Anyway, my question is do you think I should allow the effects of a 1:1 to'work on me' for a period of time before I request another session?

24-48 hours is enough for it to percolate. You can have another meeting if you feel that is appropriate.

If not, then my other question is how frequently do you think I should meet with you? Once a week?

There is no hard and fast rule.

Reason for the questions are that I truly feel like I've got a once in a billion (even trillion!) chance for enlightenment with your help - I don't want to lose out!

Ok, let's see what is happening when we meet.

Love Oshana

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