How can we have any relationship unless it is allowed by destiny?

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Why Define Relationships?

[Tara] Are we friends? I'd like us to be.

[Oshana] Tara,

Why do you need to ask if we are friends?

It's best not to define it. What is a friend? A teacher is more than your average friend. Maybe you expect things from a friend. It's the same when you call someone a husband or wife. It creates restriction.

How can we have any relationship unless it is allowed by destiny? Probably some of my closest bonds will be with those who are put here by destiny to be part of this teaching work. Is that you? If it is then relax you have arrived. If it is not you, then you have arrived somewhere else. Accept that you are there, and you will appreciate what it has to offer you.

Anyone who crosses your path, who is in your sphere, has something to do with you. What it is for you will become clear to you, and what it is for them will become clear to them.

We have yet to find out what it is for us. If we are allowed by destiny to work on this work of Allowing Enlightenment, then you will understand more. If you want to.

Find out what is really going on. How could it matter if we call ourselves friends or not? In my life, real friends have never used the term 'friendship'. But people who seek control use the concept of friendship as a way to induce guilt.

Let's see what happens.

Love Oshana

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