"After the meeting I realised that I had saw that everyone in the room was Awake... in the invisible interaction of meeting with me..."

Enlightenment Now


The Whole Room Woke Up!

Hi David,

Enlightenment, or its fore shadowing, does strike people just before they get in touch with me.

I am really on fire. Yesterday I taught for nearly 24 hours. It was surreal, that's what one man, Matthew, who had an osho sannays name, Sugeev, and woke up 14 months ago around a little know British zen teacher, also said .

I felt like I was in the Matrix. It was unreal. Reality hasn't got fixed laws, rules or structures.

After the meeting I realised that I had saw that everyone in the room was Awake, not in the way that I used to which was "Everyone is Enlightened they just don't know it" but that in the invisible interaction of meeting with me...that we all transported by some chariot to heaven (the kabbalists call it the Merkabah). We were in heaven.

Many, many things happen when I teach to a full room, and I can't pay attention to all of them. The teaching went on for 7 hours and then I had 5 hour chat in car with Matthew about enlightenment, teaching and reaching people in a big way. After all, what we are sharing is so little know. It is like Shangri-La --hidden and little know.

I do do 1:1's. It's good that you are not a pauper. Did you intend to meet up or talk via the phone? Maybe there are groups interested in this in your area?

Enlightenment is very exciting. I used to feel it was so-oo ordinary. But I can that me life is amazing because of it.

love Oshana

hi Oshana. it happened again! i woke up Saturday morning feeling enlightened and an hour later Avalon magazine with your article arrived through the letter box. The feeling lasted until the evening when it began to evaporate when I got tired and only a little residue of the feeling now remains. Shame! Do you do one-to-one tuition or whatever you call it ? How much do you charge? I'm not a pauper. Life without enlightenment seems rather dull and mechanical in comparison!

With love


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