What Is The Transmission?

I recently created a draft concept page to introduce The Transmission and sent it to a few seekers who have been active in giving feedback. (You too can be part of this invisible underground group of critics, artist, geeks, translators and techies - just start getting involved and it will find you!)

The following excerpts are from an email conversation which I had with a student from Germany who asked about the word "Transmission" and described his experience of Transmission - which typically, in his own words, involves seeing "non-physical lights". New seekers are pleasantly surprised and mystified to see these lights which can be very stunning and beautiful:

My own perception of Transmission - in the rare
cases when I clearly saw and experienced it -
it was either a kind of non-physical light, shining everywhere
or a kind of glow around things and people.

That's really useful information for considering ways to graphically represent The Transmission and it corresponds with the feedback of the other students.

However, I was never sure if I liked the idea of Transmission,
as it seems that there is only one energy perceived in different
forms. However, no doubt about it - people start feeling and perceiving
something around you. But isn't it themselves your being is pointing to?
So what is transmitted then?

These are crucially important points to iron out around the word and concept of Transmission. I hope that an intellectually satisfying description can be found for everyone. That has to be a lengthy work-in-progress because people have so many different preconceptions and misunderstanding which would require many explanations. As you know my work is mostly focussed on real-time face-to-face teaching because that is where the magic of Transmission is experienced and not in writing philosophical tracts. However, it is now time to reveal the knowledge of The Transmission, its effects and benefits to the world. I see that being achieved through multi-media presentations.

For me, Transmission is like the Sun. The Sun is an energy source, a great one, fundamental to all our survival needs on Earth, it makes us happy and is inexhaustible (at least it seems so - relative to our very tiny physical lifespan).

Yes, as you wonder, ultimately there is "One Energy Everywhere" but I see the Transmission as a special instance of Pre-Universal Energy. The Transmission has a unique function, which is, to cause spiritual liberation from the false identity to happen, i.e., Enlightenment. Similarly, by way of lesser analogy, the Sun and her rays have a unique role in supporting our physical and biological freedoms.

So, the Transmission is a non-physical energy, although it has physical consequences. It has certain manifest characteristics when it interacts with seekers. For example, the "seeing of non-physical lights" is one of several realities to which a seeker's eyes are opened by The Transmission.

In this sense, The Transmission is the Inner Guru/ Inner Teacher/ Inner Guide. Some seekers, mistakenly, do not want an "Outer Guru". This is because of misunderstanding, prejudice, pride, bad experiences or various other ego-related reasons. Sometimes a proud seeker has to discover their limitations before they can humbly approach a teacher. So the ultimate result, of pride - after a fall - can be good. Such seekers declare that one only needs to find the Inner Guru. It is true, partially, theoretically, but in practice, a seeker needs a physical teacher to introduce them to the Inner Guru - so in the end the Outer Teacher acts by definition as a Guru. "Guru" means "the one who brings the seeker to the light from the darkness".

The Transmission is The Light. You can be introduced to it. This spiritual light has characteristics that we can pragmatically describe as intelligence, awareness, energy, intention, purpose and direction. Similarly, we can characterize sunlight too, for example, as having energy, heat, speed and direction.

Some people are worried that they will be tricked by a Bad Guru. Such Bad Gurus force their disciples to follow them forever. Such a trend is bad and can only be antidoted by understanding what a Good Guru should be like. I wrote a very incomplete Good Guru guide many years ago (to be continued!). The True Guru wants to free the seeker as soon as possible from seeking, every sort of false identity and spiritual attachment.

I would prefer that everyone finds The Inner Teacher. I am just a messenger-boy, a dispatch rider, who has been given an extra-specialized mountain bike to navigate the chaotic city streets and deliver a package which contains a rare and priceless spiritual gift. That gift is The Transmission.

Just a few thoughts. Maybe they lead to nowhere...

Hopefully! :-)

In actuality, they led to this article which might usefully be read and distributed by hungry seekers.

Clearly there is this bright light kind of "energy" I can sometimes perceive in "concept-less" space.

Yes, the Transmission affects us in a non-physical space, outside of space and time. Typically, a person knows the effects which seem to be happening in the physical world, and then the various intangible zones of existence, the mind zone, the no-mind zone, the emotions, the energy channels and many other zones.

For seven years I have served The Transmission. It is now time to honor The Transmission - the miracles it has done, and continues to do, for me and others throughout history. The first step is a website dedicated to The Transmission, and to create a retreat center where every seeker can experience the fundamental benefits that The Transmission brings.

Dave Oshana

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