Viral version of Enlightenment - hang around with him and it rubs off on you. Instantaneous Realizer? That is Not how it is for most of the humans at this time. All I have ever been involved in since I Woke Up is Expressing IT. I don't know anything else.

Enlightenment Now


Viral version of Enlightenment

Everything Must Go

[Questioner] First I want to thank you. You are such a loyal and dedicated (and prompt) correspondent.

[Oshana] Nada! It can't go on for ever....

[Questioner] I've been sending e-mail to some people for years -- seems they get sucked nto some black cyber hole, never to be replied to.

[Oshana] I am not really replying...because I am a black-hole, "Everything Must Go" as as they have been saying at the Winter Sales

[Questioner] I have this really strong and uncannily accurate telepathic thing ....

[Oshana] Good, I hope it keeps you out of mischief

[Questioner] It is actually relative (dualistic) mind that is making this observation --but THAT, Oshana, is the difficulty -- most people by far are only aware of having relative mind to work with. So methods that can get relative mind to 'glimpse' enlightened mind are enormously useful (hey, it worked for me!). Actually, I prefer the Imax 80mm version over a 'glimpse' of Enlightenment. (Do you have Imax in UK?)

[Oshana] We have one near the Thames. But I was at Disney World - once - does that count?

[Questioner] But then, along comes Oshana, and he's got this viral version of Enlightenment -- the rumor is: hang around with him and it rubs off on you. Wow. The interesting thing will be to see if someone can permanently 'catch' It, like get It hard-wired into their DNA. Where do I sign up? Plus, my compost is black and rich and my field had already been plowed.Awaiting your transmission, kind Sir!

[Oshana] We could talk sometime too unless you are into this picture-Yantra 'thang'.

[Questioner] So -- you're an Instantaneous Realizer. Great karma. Do you appreciate that That is Not how it is for most of the humans at this time? Put yourself in their shoes!

[Oshana] I can't do it...I can't!

[Questioner] No, no -- you said Madonna -- I was looking for the 'Holiday' you referenced, and Ray of Light is the only Madonna I could come up with. "Nothing really matters/ love is all we need." Not exactly an original thought. Note: I am not promoting this as the artistic acheivement of thecentury or anything.

[Oshana] Synchronicity, or something! I woke up with Madonna singing the words in my head. For the last 3 days it's been really cold here and I noticed that I am teaching all night long. All I have ever been involved in since I Woke Up is Expressing IT. I don't know anything else.

[Questioner] Dzogchen masters were the most helpful.

Oh, you mean those who, consciously or unconsciously, decide to go unconscious? Like, resigned to (and actually choosing) primal Ignorance?

[Oshana] Yes. Most everyone is but....

[Questioner] That is very difficult to work with. To get that far and then say --'Aw,... Nah... I don't think so ...' Working with that is something like casting pearls before swine, or pissing in the ocean. It's a salvageoperation. I, myself, prefer some well rotted compost and a plowed field. And a farmer with a good tractor, or at least a strong and willing set of arms. This IS the Enlightened Personals website, isn't it???

[Oshana] Currrrr-rect!

[Questioner] Ever heard of bodhicitta, Oshana? On-The-Edge-y situation. But then, you are in the business of having fun, and I am in the business of alleviating suffering while having fun, so you might find bodhicitta a bit cumbersome.

[Oshana] Yes. But thank you for sharing so consisely and being so considerate about the weight limit (there is a zero bagagge allowance for High Flyers).

[Questioner] "...what a long strange trip it's been..."

[Oshana] You actually have been on the Nameless Path?

[Questioner] But here's the mug shot, try the photo-transmission version. I'm graciously awaiting yours.

[Oshana] So am I. Ah yes, you have potential. This will take a few moments.

[Questioner] My telepathic thing includes quadraphonic SUrrouND sound and Dolby noise reduction features.So watch it -- I'm listening in All the time.

[Questioner] So I can write less and do less?

[Oshana] love Oshana

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