People become aware of an unexplainable, mysterious resonance with the teacher. It happens outside of the mind's cognitive filters. When awareness is fully developed you will be able to understand all of Creation.

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Unexplained Resonance to Your Energy

Hi J..,

I would dearly like to join an Oshana Study Group. I am committed to ending the search and I have an unexplainable resonance to Oshana's energy, which I believe sincerely will get me 'there'. I am very glad that you are aware of a resonance between yourself and me.

I invite you to look more deeply into this resonance. How does it happen? When and where does it happen? What qualities does it have?

It can be very mysterious, but if we want to discover all that there is to know, The Truth, then we must keep enquiring.

Since it is happening to you it would seem reasonable that you should be able to describe it, but you may find that you cannot.

How can it be that you can experience this resonance but not fully describe it?

The reason is because it happens outside of the mind, and so the sensory inputs are not captured by the mind's cognitive filters and hence are not processed.

Ironically, most objects, both physical and non-physical, are not fully perceivable by the 5 senses. Hence, most of the Creation is simply never known by the human being's perceptual and cognitive apparatus.

What a shame!

Yes, true - but there is hope.

The hope is in the non-human part of the human make-up, which I call Awareness. Of course, this goes beyond science, but that is unavoidable because science deals with the measurable, and we are interested in the pleasurable. No-mind is a blissful state. One science may be able to understand why that is so, but until then we will just enjoy it.

Once you are able to uses the many inner senses that you have to navigate the inner planes of awareness, then you will understand more about resonance.

You may start to understand your destiny. That would involve "why" questions, which are taboo in certain spiritual and philosophical groups. The say that you can never know "Why the Creation exists?"

Is that really the case? I say not. "Why" can be asked and answered when you reach a certain level of awareness. Repeated "why" questions are not for spiritual novices - they drive gurus mad in the same way which children can drive some parents mad.

We just tackled a limiting assumption. There are lots of them in certain spiritual and philosophical groups. You'll see that limitation is not something that works!


Love Oshana

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