I want people to wake up first, communication and teaching skills come later. Something does "wake up". T hat's how a person can indeed say that it happened. what do you want from me - logic or the total freedom experience?

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Total freedom experience

We won't focus on the menu, but will eat the food, won't we?

[Oshana] I feel very much that we are on a level, and that you know pretty much the score about what is going on here which is why I was especially interested to solicit your words on what you have seen and experienced.

Not far to go-just a little way more-pant

[Questioner] Many thanks for your e mail and telling us about the water, it was gratefully received here at Osho Leela.

[Oshana] Thank you. Though I can't always remember what I have said. If it's relevant it always comes back. Water is powerful er

[Questioner] Yea its quite mind blowing discovering you! But is there anything to "do" about it I wonder?

[Oshana] Yes! Like when you find yourself going up and sitting in the dialogue chair then that is the sort of "doing" we like around here. If you ever feel to share and interact about this thing, "it", then you can-that's all-it's all just energy bouncing off and going through each other, itself

[Questioner] I don't have to go half way round the world to taste that taste.........you can help me wake up? I know "who is it who wakes up"?

[Oshana] Do you? Better to not know anything. I won't even correct dodgy statements only gently release a crucial misperception. I won't wear a philosopher's hat in a meeting about truth, that would be as tasteless as wearing one's jeans in bed, I want people to wake up first, communication and teaching skills come later if you want to take it there

Can I tell you a secret? Something does "wake up". That's how a person can indeed say that it happened. I know this is paradoxical but what do you want from me, already - logic or the "total freedom experience"?

Remember all teachers claim Awakening even if they hard to pin down on what all that means. And true, all that is said is conceptual - but we won't focus on the menu, but will eat the food, won't we?

[Questioner] I read your article and was pleased that you also didn't get off on the "Who am I?" thing at first.

[Oshana] I am glad you noticed and appreciated that. It was one such as yourself that I wrote. I kept "Who am I?" to last and might even have not referred to it at all. It's being asked enough as it is and often not in the way that really works.

[Questioner] I find it almost too heady I prefer to just go in and feel myself and be there.

[Oshana] Yes. I can tell that much about you which is why I appreciate your presence and reflections.

[Questioner] Can I do anything for you? Do you need help?

[Oshana] I don't need help but others do, and there is more practical stuff to do all the time. The meetings have been developing organically. I am open reaching as many people as possible as this is the most valuable thing ever!

I currently teach in London and Glastonbury mostly. It takes time and effort to advertise, organise, travel, book, contact people. We don't even have a permanent car. We effectively sponsor the meetings ourselves - most teaching is free and meetings cost nothing compared to what one gets - which is a lot of attention and break-throughs. If we had more resources then we could expand and reach more people- then I'd have to organise my personal life so that I can travel and do follow-ups.

[Questioner] I missed the do you come here often? Question you asked me I thought you were indicating that I was just making small talk..... bit of ridicule......... well I realised afterwards that's a really great line like the sign on the back of a black can you are here and an arrow.....

[Oshana] Good, I am glad you noticed. I am often saying a lot in one go. One statement has many meanings, so the person gets always gets something, if only a pleasant chat. The interaction is on so many levels - the words and appearances are just the surface of what is really going on.

[Questioner] My fella said he'd rather come and see you than do his gig....very sincere seeker he is.......hope you'll meet and "click".

[Oshana] He sounds like a good bloke. You are very lucky.

[Questioner] Its great you are in the world.

[Oshana] Thank you. I am only just realising that thanks to kind words and appreciation from people like yourself.

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