100's of people are claiming Awakening and also teaching it in one form or another

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Too Busy Meeting New Awakees, Alice! (in-Wonderland)

[Oshana] Hi Jason, {See replies in text}

[Jason] Hi Oshana,

Hello, I'm from Auckland, New Zealand.

I think I've known about non-duality for about 2 &a half years &have become a little dismayed with the fact that virtually no one 'gets it'.

[Oshana] My experience is different. I am totally in awe that so many people are Waking Up since I was led to believe it was so rare. In fact, it is rare but I seem to be witnessing those rare few, and expect to see more...bit like seeing your first couple hundred shooting stars!

I also felt no one was waking up - a few years ago before I woke up. But I am aware that 100's of people are claiming Awakening, and also teaching it in one form or another - I haven't the time or inclination to talk to more than a handful at the moment...I'm too busy meeting people who are just waking up in my neighbourhood now ....My goodness! Is that the Time, Alice? We must be off!

[Jason] I'm not sure what you're saying in your posts because I haven't made the 'realisation'. Do you think misunderstanding could be the reason why so many don't 'get enlightened'?

[Oshana] I will always attempt to provide a reasonable, sensible description of Awakening - but it can only ever be a 'snap-shot' - not the whole 5-D Virtual Reality multi-modal experience.

I endeavour to be understood but so far I am not aware of someone waking up from reading my text, though there have been some amazing reactions, so who knows? It is possible to Wake Up upon reading something - it is rumoured - but the message self-destructed in 5 seconds - it was also rumoured.

However, I feel it is better to meet in the flesh, and to tailor a response to the enquirer in the moment as their Life is happening LIVE...that way the most appropriate interaction can take place... and that could trigger the recognition of Self as Consciousness ... er, another expression for - Awakening!

Misunderstanding can be a block in many ways so it's best to get around it. However, a mind can be full of doubts, since that's the pigeon hole and natural resting home for doubts - the Entire Person- Being, can still wake up though, and then after Awakening the doubts and misunderstandings can be put out of the mind - for the Recycling Man to collect them!

[Jason] Could you please help me to get it?

[Oshana] "Yes, most de-fi-nite-ly!" (said in best Bombay accent and figure of '8' waggle of head)

[Jason] What exactly is &isn't seeking?

[Oshana] Seeking for Awakening - doesn't really exist because the Self is already satisfied {bet this will come as a shock for many self- defined seekers and Advaitinis}.

The mind and body may not be satisfied - that is to be expected - and the mind may claim to be a Seeker - since it is seeking people, products, places and phenomena (I hereby shall call this the "Taking the Four Unholy P's!") - but that Seeker-after-God is no more a Seeker than the Seeker-after-Dog (Koreans and Edie Brickell - stand up and take note).

So, seeking for Awakening doesn't exist, and this should explain in true Aristotilian fashion (any logicians out there want to define the syllogism?) why you have heard that 'if you seek it you will not find it' (but you didn't hear Jesus say that, Ok. Ok,OK? Let me hear ya say "Amen!").

So logical syllogism might look like this:

Awakening Exists for All.
All Seekers are Awake.
Therefore Seekers do not Exist.

But I prefer the way I say it since it loses something in translation - maybe the tailor-made humour component - which is why I recommend a 5-Dimensional meeting. Ok. Ok,OK? Let me hear ya say "Oshana!". Alright! Halleluyah!

[Jason] Have you considered the idea of collaborating with other enlightened people &testing ways to get people to enlightenment?

[Oshana] I would take it very seriously. Do you think you might write a job description and advertise for a Team Leader because I am quite busy at the moment?

Actually, I am always open to suggestions (which is why I go to sleep so easily - just at the snap of the fingers and the command "Sleep" and I am in Slumberland!) and am part of an Ascended Master Circle ..this year we hold our Annual Conference .. shh! ...somewhere in the Himalayas - well that's what we tell casual enquirers -we actually go somewhere much warmer..can you guess where?

In my humble experience, people just wake up when they do and I don't ask any questions (well, OK, I ask a few but always expect to be told "It's none of your business") It happens naturally and I am led by Life to be there, or thereabouts or sort of somewhere in the vicinity.

This admittedly, initially, felt a little odd as if I shouldn't be witnessing such a private moment. But Hey! - Enlightenment is for everyone [As Andrew Cohen says it's 'Impersonal' (meaning no- one owns it, I suppose) and 'evolutionarily necessary'... can't say my mum has noticed, I don't think Andrew's mum has either! And I don't think Life really cares who wakes up because it just IS Awake..blah blah blah - Yeh right on man really cool!] - wake up the whole street, better yet the whole Universe!

[Jason] Is it a possibility that people who become enlightened are simply gifted genetically or something like that?

[Oshana] Tempting thought! Well, I don't like to boast but since you asked about genetic endowments ...it's long list you know? Are you sitting comfortably....zzzZZZZ!

I think genetics is just a buzzword here unless one is a genetic scientist. I am not. I'm not even a Reincarnation Regressionist Court Appointed Expert - so I can't say if it's karma even. No, I am just a simple London Lad with a perchance for Brick Lane Bagels, the Bangladeshi quarter, and Chinese food (ref. 'My Fair Lady') and that's about as exotic as it gets - unless you are from the other side of the world ... oh, God I think you are... psychic or what?!

Thanks very much

Be well


God willing.


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