This is IT - what you are experiencing it doesnt get any better.

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This is IT

This is IT - any doubts?

[Oshana] Hi Joe,

Lack of apparent progress is generally indicative of being stuck in the mind. All concepts of progress are therein relative. You are not going anywhere - ever. You have already arrived. This is IT - what you are experiencing it doesn't get any better. What does go is the sense of unease. You can be at home in your stuff rather than uncomfortable. This is isn't judged by therapist's treatment standards.

When you see what is what in a moment there will be no concern for progress or backsliding. It isn't real. Honest.

You are welcome to call me sometime and we can see what will happen.

Blessed be, love Oshana

[Joe] Dear Oshana,

have read all posts on list. am very happy to finally be able to commune with someone who really has IT. i have been "studying" IT for more than thirty years but have not been able to have more than an intelluctual understanding and a couple incidences of actually being "Not", for lack of a better word. I know right here-right now but cant seem to stay there .i still have this attachment to the so - called phenomenal. HELP. I am in the US and probably cant see you personally until and unless you happen to come the the eastern part of the country. I am at a loss to say more because it just makes me more and more angry to keep trying when I know that just doesn't help, but cant seem to get out of the 'rut'.

Love and Blessings to you Joe

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