Identification never existed Only the mind can Identify. It is the Matrix.

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Stop Making Sense - Talking Heads

[Questioner] about emotions, sure is it okay to be emotional, this is also part of being human.

But isn't it most often the case that we get self-centred and loose perspective when we are wrapped up in emotions?

Some people. It's like eating chocolates. Do you 'wolf down' the whole box in one go while watching a movie or do you eat them consciously, slowly and share them around?

[Questioner] In the absolute sense, we are always IT. Sure. But what about still being able to act in the world?

[Oshana] The 'absolute sense' is not a concept from which to derive other concepts. It co-exists alongside *whatever* you do - and you can act however you are allowed to act.

[Questioner] I mean, how can we still see a situation clearly and act clearly when we loose perspective?

[Oshana] You can't. But you never will see and act clearly all of the time although you can try - and that's a good *idea* if you have a responsibilities to others.

[Questioner] Emotions usually come up when our ego is hurt or we feel resistance etc.,that means we are already motivated from our ego. Right?

[Oshana] That often is the cause of some emotions - but not all. But it's a good first indicator.

Okay, next:

[Questioner] when the identification with the personality dies, which I believe "should" be the case, how come that so many enlightened persons have such an extreme way of living their personality? For example Osho or Chögyam Trungpa or Da Free John (Adida)etc.

[Oshana] I can't really speculate on the attainment of others, especially those I have not met them. Hold on...the personality does not completely die - otherwise you would not be able to function.

[Questioner] There are people like Ramana Marharshi, Krishnamurthi or Irena Tweedie and many others who were not so eccentric. Why, why , why???

[Oshana] Good potty training?

[Questioner] I am expecting now some real answer here, honey, because this is for me "the problem with Advaita".

[Oshana] "Did someone say Honey? Pooh's Love Honey!"

I assure you - who is the mouse in the Tigger movie? - that You do not have a problem with Advaita - it doesn't exists anyway.

If you stop taking it all through your brain - just stop for the New Year - there really is not a problem - we are just treading water - for fun, entertainment and distraction.

Oh here we go (again)....

[Qustioner] Coming back to the emotions...if you are not identified with your personality, you're also not identified with your emotions.

Identification never existed. Only the mind can Identify. It is the Matrix.

[Questioner] Makes sense...hhmmh,

[Oshana] Do you know the Talking Heads song "Stop Making Sense"?

[Questioner]'s not so hard to not be identified with ones personality, right. Okay, that's all......look here my mind stops. End of thoughts. That's all.

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