laughter at the thoughts increases thoughts cannot be heard and they never ever get to come together

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Does enjoyment come from the Mind or somewhere else?

[Questioner] I like your answers about emotions, they make sense to me...

[Oshana] Any relation to "Stop Making Sense?"

[Questioner] You can't. But you never will see and act clearly all of the time although you can try and that's a good *idea* if you have a responsibilities to others.

This answer is a relief to me, because that`s been my experience and at the same time I have this high (kind of inhuman) expectation to be perfect :-)

[Oshana] That sense of relief is an indicator that you are moving towards freedom.

[Questioner] The personality does not completely die - otherwise you would not be able to function.

Ah, honey, I got ya!!! he,he ;-)

[Oshana] I knew this was coming.....I saw the quote at the bottom of your recent email

[Questioner] Because the other day you wrote one looses one identity.

[Oshana] Aaah, but I still have wriggle room....Identity is not personality. It is what one identifies with in the moment.

[Questioner] I think that's just not true. I think actually that the personality is what makes you attractive to others. How one deals with life...

[Oshana] When you do not identify with Vicky then who are you? And are you more or less attractive - in that moment? The personality-complex deals with life but who are you?

[Questioner] Identification never existed. Only the mind can Identify. It is the Matrix.

Yes sure, the mind, the mind our little shop of horrors...but also I enjoy the mind thinking thoughts :-)

[Oshana] But does enjoyment come from the Mind or somewhere else?

[Questioner] Yes I agree, I already thought if this is mean to you, when I ask you all these questions...on the other hand everything has to come together. I do have many thoughts but I also can laugh about them and especially about myself :-)

[Oshana] Finally, the laughter at the thoughts increases to the extent that the thoughts cannot be heard - and they never ever get to come together

[Questioner] So, not much more to say for now.

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