what you could get would be greater than Knowledge What you could get is You, you get nothing from Me

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My method is simple. Bring jasmine tea - sit down, get enlightened.

[Oshana] Stephen,

Of course, it's no coincidence that you are now talking to someone who is saying that it is all so easy! (I've been waiting for you)

And what you could get would be greater than Knowledge - though you could also get some nice sayings or funnies. What you could get is You, and since You comes from You, in a sense you get nothing from Me. (Ooops! Exposed by my own hand!)

[Stephen] Yeah... I'm wondering about that (Awakening doesn't have to be hard) ... and I guess that's what prompted my inquiry to you... so it's not "...but what do I know? :-)" ... or "what do you know" .. but rather, what can I (admittedly...selfishly) learn about all this through relationship to you ..or to anyone...

It also seems that what one individual means by "Awakening" is not the same for another...

[Oshana] Maybe...my current view is that it might sound different but it could be the same (hen spake by those who are Realised)

[Stephen] Of course, I realize that those who seem to have gone "there" say that "there's nothing to do"... Also, of course, hindsight is great... but or he seeker who hasn't found yet ....

[Oshana] "There's nothing to do" means many things and is frequently misunderstood, it's primary function, as I presently see it, is a command (and not a description) to direct you to stop doing anything - to stop seeking - which is a fictitious activity anyway (see my recent email entitled "Too Busy Meeting New Awakee, Alice!" https://groups.yahoo.com/group/oshana/message/85 ).

Some say seeking stops upon exhaustion, and so they encourage intense seeking. But how can a fictitious activity stop? Perhaps, only the fictitious idea that one is seeking can stop...Awake, yet? ZzzzZZZZ!.... Oh dear!

My method is simple. Bring one organic pizza, Chinese sweet and sour vegetable &soya chunks, noodle soup &jasmine tea - sit down and get enlightened.

Regards, Stephen

love Oshana

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