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Enlightenment Now


'Life isn't suffering after all!' - My Buddy the Buddha


Hi Oshana, oh you kid, you!

Love your enthusiasm, and bet it would be lots of fun to go one of your meetings. One teensy tiny thought crossed my mind reading this. See the ### in place.

You can be totally happy - all of the time. It could happen very easily and quickly. ####Oshana makes it possible.

#### Umm, indirectly, yeah sure, that way you make it possible. Don't "I" need to see the light, the truth will set you free, so to speak..or do "I" learn by your example and teaching? Well, I would rather hear it this way. Perhaps insert, "You can learn how."

Okay, maybe I have no idea what your are really up to over there and just guessing from here. Twas my reaction tho. Can anyone else really "make" me happy? (Feel free to try, Oshana.) :):)

Best wishes and all that,



Hi Gloria,

So I'm a kid now? I thought that accolade was reserved for my fellow teacher the son of The Mother of God. Are you feeling maternal? I find a lot of relationships are like that.

Make you happy? Oh, I can make you very happy as long as you don't have to live with me!

You're so right: my meetings are loadsa fun. Well I constantly aim to please. In fact, I tried so hard recently that I collapsed of exhaustion when I got home - but fortunately I had already put my pyjamas on so I got to lie in bed like Ramana Maharshi contemplating if I was dead or alive for a couple of days. It was terribly boring and I don't recommend you try this at home unless you are under 8 years of age!

There are a number of people who want it done to them. They are like the proverbial princess who will only marry the man who can make her happy.

Fortunately, Prince Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) got off of his butt and realised that "Life isn't suffering after all"!

Actually, to say that I don't really make anyone happy would be good in one sense. Then you could say that I don't make anyone unhappy either. Imagine the consequences! The number of litigation cases in the US would be slashed over night. Lawyers would have to find new ways to make money!

Really, no-one is made to do anything. You don't even learn how. I certainly don't recommend anyone copy my lifestyle. Anyway, it's private except for a few trusted devotees who I am on a first name basis with (only kidding, I'm not like the rest, honest ;-)).

Well, I`m toying with a new theory, i.e. that I show you where to look for happiness. Yes, I'm a Happiness Tour Guide straight out of Disney Land! (flappy ears and goofy teeth are extra)

Yer, best wishes you to you too and all that stuff,

Love Oshana

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