Identification happens! Shift Happens! Who is it that cares anyway?

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Ramana does not take in washing!

[Oshana] Dear RC, (cont.)

[rc] It's beautiful if Satsang is arising from your realization of Truth. Be aware that identification runs deep and can be very subtle.

[Oshana] I appreciate all advice. Well, I take it in. One can never be sure when one will need it. I always keep a Holy Book at the bedside just in case the Shiva Shakes, not to be confused with the Shakti Shakes, strike at 4 a.m in the morning.

Interestingly, this spiritual health warning is nearly always given by Papaji's followers. Something, in me irons out any tendencies to identify. Anyway, how to identify with being a Teacher? It is a ridiculous profession. I am most ashamed. No wonder, Ramana ran away, shaved up, threw away his clothes and hid in cave.

[rc] Many who have had this Realization (esp. those who have given Satsang) have had to contend with "setting up house" somewhere in the mind! At least for a while.

[Oshana] And some have built skyscrapers!

[rc] Many who have been living wide open to Truth made many visits to Master Papaji, and Master Ramana and had deeper layers of identification revealed.

[Oshana] But that sounds suspiciously like "seeking" only under a different guise. Whatever became of the words "Call off the Search"?

Identification happens! Shift Happens! Who is it that cares anyway?

Is Ramana Ashram now a Chinese Launderette for the daily maintenance of Awakened Souls? Real sannyasins are naked!

Annamalai Swami was one of Ramana's closest disciples. He got IT, and was told to move on. He set up next to Ramana Ashram but never again visited. Why should he? Even Ramana ignored him when they crossed paths on the Hill.

Didn't Papaji say "Nothing Happened"? So is anything really drowning daily?

[rc] Yes, it is also my experience that this Pure consciousness that we are never leaves, NOW the challenge is to not indulge any latent tendency of mind.

[Oshana] But who cares if you do indulge?

love Oshana

[Source: Oshana Mailing List]