Awakening is happening all of the time but it goes unrecognised. Meeting another Awakened person seems to encourage recognition that Awakening already a fact

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Recognising One's Awakening as Fact

[Shelly] Good Morning Oshana: Here are some mental stirrings on the question of enlightenment--unenlightenment which seems to be endlessly going around. It's really very simple, though it hasn't always seemed that way.

[Oshana] It could change again. Mental structures are created and destroyed with great frequency.

[Shelly] The state of bondage or unenlightenment occurs by way of misidentification of who and what we really are with a body mind that has been conditioned both collectively and individually to believe it is a separate entity.

[Oshana] Well said.

[Shelly] Why this occurs is one of many mysteries of life.

[Oshana] Probably - I haven't consulted the Encyclopaedia Britannica on that one, since I now use the Net.

[Shelly] The way of becoming re- aware of the state of enlightenment or freedom is basically to reverse the process of objective identification.

[Oshana] Possibly. Not sure that "reverse the process" is the way though. Are we to give all that mother's milk back and take all that pee-pee and poo-poo back in? Are we to discipline our parents for all the times they spanked us? I think the "object identification" just isn't the sole-focus anymore. But what do I know? It's just experience for me and the description just ambles alongside that.

[Shelly] Now it appears there are some things that can be done to aid the so called transformation but it also seems that it does not happen unless the time is right = non volitionally ( yet another mystery).

[Oshana] Many things happen naturally when the internal conditions and external factors align, like being born. So there is such a thing as a right time and a place - however, Enlightenment could strike at any time - just think about the possiblities - maybe it could happen during a UN speech(?) My current view, just to be dialectical and constantly moving, is that Awakening is happening all of the time - but it goes unrecognised. Meeting another Awakened person seems to encourage recognition that Awakening is already a fact.

[Shelly] Of the many techniques that can be tried, it's up to the individual.

[Oshana] Well, I think that it helps to have an Awakened coach to ensure the "technique" is done correctly. No good following some ancient ritual from some dusty old manual because you probably won't understand it.

[Shelly] Many wonder what will happen to this particular existence when identification is withdrawn from the external world. The answer is- there never was anyone in control of an existence.

[Oshana] Well, this can come as quite a relief but relief is by nature temporary. I would like to re-assure the viewers at home that this perception of "*absolutely* no-choice" isn't always the case. It does seem that one has some choice, as my son feels he has when he pretends to drive, and sound the horn, on the automated "Noddy" car outside the local supermarket.

[Shelly] Though this may be quite shocking, careful consideration will reveal that who and what we thought we were is simply, a bio-automaton with a computer like mind, programmed both genetically and environmentally,and it will continue much as before, though it may take on a movie or dreamlike quality.

[Oshana] I would not say that it takes on a "dream-like quality" (just to be dialectical again), but there is a sense of not being in the movie and being in the movie, sort of hi-tech Virtual Reality.

[Shelly] With re-identification of what we really are will also come the awareness that there can really be no separation, Life is Life.

[Oshana] Yes, sort of - I've grown tired of being dialectical.

So Namaste and Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Love to You, Shelly Borg.

Love and peace,


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