Receiving Transmission: Remote Preparation

Hello Oshana

I am writing to enquire whether you provide remote  transmissions (transmission in absentia). And if yes, what are the charges and the procedure for making payments.

Kind regards
[A Seeker in Singapore]

Hi [A Seeker in Singapore],

Thanks for writing again and suggesting a new way, a gateway, for the
Transmission to reach others.

So far, Transmission has been automatically received by those who have
properly established contact with the Transmission via me.

Properly establishing contact with the Transmission can happen
automatically if a person has been well-prepared. I prepare people for
Transmission through the Teaching, though this is more complicated if
the person does not meet me.

The effects of the Transmission are powerful because they reveal
things about reality which have been hidden from the everyday mind.
For this reason, people have to be trained to handle a new way of
seeing and being, a spiritual way which dissolves the modern paradigm.

I take new requests slowly, always making sure to follow certain
protocols, to ensure the best results.

At the moment, the recommended procedure is to establish a clear
contact with me. If you are on the other side of the world then that
would have to happen through internet and phone.

The first step if you are seeking distant transmission would be to
complete the EPSAF1 form and tell me anything else about yourself
which seems relevant. You could also send a photograph. This would
create a stronger contact.

I might be able to assess your needs in regard to spiritual
development and receiving Transmission without actually meeting in

Dave O

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