We'll drain away the polluted stuff. All that works is getting 'IT'. Total Freedom is really priceless, rare and good for everyone and the most valuable use of time and resources is to facilitate it for others.

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Total Freedom is really priceless

It's fun to see them experience Bliss and then puzzle about it afterwards.

[Questioner] I understand. but when one sees things in front of their eyes it is hard to understand why some of those things take place...like the destruction of our environment etc. one feels that one can do this or not do this depending on ones preference. At the same time though there is definitely a feeling that one is moving moved by something that one can't explain.

With the krishnamurti thing he said that it is possible for man not to do certain things if only we stop and watch the common consciousness that we all share as opposed to acting on it.

As for what I want...I think it is easier to say what I don't want. I don't want a dirty environment or unhealthy food or polluted water or fucked up make you worse medicines from doctors or really any of the rubbish that goes with a capitalist society.

It is hard to explain. also I feel a little lonely at the moment. My father has moved to another country my girlfriend is still in India and I am residing on a friends floor until she gets back. I have just bought a motorbike but now I am considering selling it as I don't want to pump poisonous fumes out into the environment...what to do. I suppose to not see situations as good or bad and just to see is best. the more I am in this city the harder that gets though...or maybe it doesn't and I just think it does.

I don't mean to rant but there aren't many people that I can really talk to so you are getting the brunt of it. also I got very drunk last night and had a horrendous time trying to get home and just had this feeling that nobody is interested in the well being of anyone other than themselves...maybe my projection. so I feel that I am very vulnerable at the moment...

I am going to leave this now as I feel that I am getting to involved in this unreality that I seem to be creating.

It's all just a head-trip. Or a mind-f#'&(oh, dear I see middle-aged people unsubbing from the list now! But not the older people because they love that sort of stuff) as they say in Pune (were you there?).

The only thing to do is come to the meeting. I was concerned that all these questions are just weighing something down inside of you, like cement boots, and now the alcohol, each can or bottle is another cement boot.

You see the contradiction? You worry about the environment and pollution but you then pollute your body. The worst pollution is the thoughts. The alcohol is your attempt at homeopathy!

Oh, am I getting less soft, am I changing? No not all.

All that I can suggest is come to the meeting for a cerebral-spinal puncture. We'll drain away the polluted stuff.

Of course, you could detox - take herbal teas and lots of water. But that isn't going solve it. That's why I don't focus on such advice. All that works is getting 'IT'.

Most seekers are conscientious. You can try and save the planet. I am not against that at all. But you know that you are resisting that, and at the same time you are doing something.

Well, it's useful that you can write it all down. You were involved in 'unreality' long before you ever sat down to write.

I hope others see that there is no need to be like this.

PS By chance, I met someone who knew me from the cosmic circuit 10 years ago.

He is a diagnosed schizophrenic. I don't know what that means for sure but he only tends to shave half of his face. He hangs out with a guy who is really bitter and would like to be a guru. But he can't because he is bitter. One can only teach if it is ones destiny. I never wanted to teach - too much stuff to deal with!

So this guru wannabe, sometimes he is real insightful but normally he just rants, only gets to dump his stuff on the other guy because they only have each other (even though the pseudo-guru tried to advertise on Osho Sannyasin and 'A Course in Miracles' website for followers).

So when I saw this guy he was in a right old state. Well in fact he has been for decades but he is trying to sort himself out. When he met me he kept going on about the system, capitalism, the environment and rich people. I asked him why was he worried about taking care of the world when he couldn't even find a good razor (he used those disposable plastic ones and would give up halfway through), and why was he giving my ears a verbal bashing when he really was angry at rich people. I am not rich, and I don't get donations (though I am starting to feel that Total Freedom is really priceless, rare and good for everyone and the most valuable use of time and resources is to facilitate it for others).

Anyway - there is a message in all this----

When he started to calm down. He got receptive. I started to tell him about Reality - well, just tiny part of it, and he just sat and listened as we looked at the river flowing by. He got really calm and when we got up he was moving real slow. He had gone from hysterical to super-calm. It reminded me of when I did free ear acupuncture to chill-out heroin addicts down on the canal.

This how teaching happens all over the place in all kinds of situations. I don't tell people what I do as my hobby, i.e. spiritual teacher. I just talk to them and see what happens because it's fun to see them experience Bliss and then puzzle about it afterwards.

That's why I am probably off to do something in a nightclub called 'Den of Enlightenment' even though it is after my usualbedtime (although certain people do ring me for chats at odd hours - please book first!) and I have asked to be in a well-ventilated space.

So have I matched your rant?

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