The Western Advaita Satsang Traditional Educators Department repeat "There is nothing you can do so you must be patient and hope that enlightenment, which doesn't exist, and never happened to me, happens for you, but don't wait because it has already happened, though it doesn't exist

Enlightenment Now


Pointings At The Indescribable and Teaching

Hi Paul,

I am sitting in a steaming hot 500-seat Internet cafe in the heart of downtown London. A million people pass by every day, and a few pop-in to steal a handbag or wallet.

Your email asks for advice. You only ask when you really need, and have worked well to build the 3rd Oshana.Org web-site (The Third Temple) during which you entered into an Awakening by Email .

Service is the 4th Dimension of The Teaching. The Life Force honours the one who Compassionately Serves.

Hanging Out: Tea &Teachers

Somendra (aka Michael Barnett of The Wild Geese), a former Poona therapist who claims enlightenment, is reportedly to attend "The Dolphin's Gift". Will I go now?

It's fun to meet other teachers. I recently met Bernie Prior (who was with Barry Long), an Englishman who spends half the year overseas teaching Enlightenment and energy work, at the Theosophical Society. We shared an Indian meal afterwards.

I had just speed-read a pre-publication copy of "Spiritual Enlightenment - The Damnedest Thing" by Jed McKenna, a guest-house owner who plays video games while dealing with the various real-life games that students play to stay unenlightened. The style is raw, insightful and humorous, and new for the Advaita world. It's probably closer to Zen fiction, though I'd rate it infinitely higher than Rama's (Dr Frederick Lenz) semi auto-biographical "Snowboarding to Nirvana" and "Surfing the Himalayas" which are so surreal that they read like Dr. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa works (THE THIRD EYE DOCTOR FROM LHASA , THE RAMPA STORY , THE CAVE OF THE ANCIENTS et al.)

I am thinking: it might be nice to meet Somendra, if he still uses that name, and yet, I see that I am writing you and time is running out, it always is, has been and will be.....

I jest.

London: A Spiritual Ghost Town

There are many nice things to do in London, though it is not an easy city in which to do them well. Rama used to say that it's too psychically busy. It's busy in every way, everyone has a mobile (celluar) phone aka "radiation box".

International Enlightenment Teachers do not stay here long: Nick Ardagh Arjuna, Neelam, Vartman and Ishvara Maitreya no longer teach here; Mikaire (Anamo) cut short his stay; Barry Long preferred Bristol; Adi Da has a commune but has never visited; Gangaji pulled out of a scheduled visit in June 2000 (and so I Awoke - 19th June 2000 instead - to fill the gap). Michael Barnett said he was never going to teach here again about 10 years ago, and last month John David, a Brit expat living in Sydney was due via Ramana Maharshi Ashram, to share satsang in Reading, and didn't materialise, and so I was asked to fill in, and I was expecting an easy life after just returning from 9 weeks in the US.

So shall I see Michael Barnett and take it easy? It seems that it is not to be.

The Work That is to be Done

I teach enlightenment, that's what I do, and if I goof off then who will teach?

And I have a question for you, Paul, and you - dear reader - yes you:

There are many things going on outside, but will you commit to enlightenment?

So what will I do?

I am answering your e-mail - that's what I am doing, and it segues nicely into the issues that you raise. It's very clear that you have a deep need to know the Truth. Conveniently, my job is to satisfy that need once and for all.

So what might be the moral of this e-mail?

Entertainment USA

To answer that I would like to tell you a story; I told so many stories and jokes at my first meeting in Asheville that some people, who were not aware of the Transmission, wondered: Is this guy for real? The real joke is that this guy, Oshana, is more real than any unreal person could ever dream or imagine!

On with the story: I opened the meeting by explaining that I had left my London home in a hurry, with the front door open and a pot boiling on the stove, and that I realized all this as I was on the way to the airport for America - apparently late as usual, but as usual, on divine time.

Divine Time

"Divine Time" is an expression that John, 73, and Jo, 84, who run the Glade Mountain Retreat Center used to describe the many synchronicities that happened on the Oshana Intensives.

I had just 7 minutes before my homebound flight was to take off.

A huge, gruff security man told me that I had missed it. He was only doing his job. Security is so tight now that they even scan old ladies' socks with an electronic wand.

"OK, whatever happens is OK", I said. 7 students who came to say good-bye were wondering, "Maybe he isn't going today. He has changed his flight plans 5 times already."

Psychic Cries

I could not leave Asheville by my own will. The crying of seekers can be psychically heard all day and all night. Some I have met, and some I will meet.

Mothers have a similar faculty.

We know that only a mother can hear her baby cry when no one else can, and even when that baby is an adult, and crying out for help, in some god-forsaken third-world jail, where no-one speaks his language, only one person, on the other side of the world, can hear - mother.

Customs: Anything to Declare? Life, The Universe &Everything

I put my carry-on luggage on the security machine conveyor belt. Immediately, there was a huge electric power surge. It wiped out the machine's functions, and had to be reset. Now, the security man was really frustrated. Gosh! I had missed my flight.

"Quite an entourage," the baggage searcher said, "Don't worry - they will probably hold the flight," she added. "Good, and whatever happens is OK," I said. I had a very good reason to make the flight that day, and the gruff security man escorted me to the waiting plane, and relaxed, and I arrived in London.

The moral of the story? It's coming. It's about Groups.

Emerging Groups

There is a group of people who have not physically met - yet - but they dream of each other. My job is to find them; our job is to find each other.

When I returned from USA, I called Ryan, who, following a series of co-incidences planned my stay in his hometown, Miami. He is such a fortunate lad: within days of arriving in London, he was teaching yoga to Madonna, Sting and Trudi Styler, and then his wife brought him to the last London public Oshana meeting at Mysteries (Halloween 2001).

Ryan's wife is Paul Lowe's (formerly "Teertha" the #1 Osho therapist) daughter, and Paul, I learned, was teaching upon my return to London. Paul spoke a fair bit about how science relates to psychology and spirituality. One analogy was particularly memorable.

Groups of sub-atomic particles appear to be in sympathy with each other over space and time. They then merge and become atoms, then molecules, then cells, then humans. Groups of humans then get together and form something unimaginable. I witnessed this happening on the Oshana Core Group Intensives. This is the Evolution - not of you, or me, but Life on this Planet.

So now, finally, to the moral of this story. Patience is a virtue. Success comes to him who waits, says Aiping Fulepp.


We must overcome the limitations of this physical creation to come together and grow to our full potential, not as Consciousness, but as human beings.


Because it's more fun - that's why!

Tearing the Temple Veil

You don't hear this from the Western Advaita Satsang Traditional Educators Department, do you?

No. It is not their job. They teach the public about bliss, No-Mind and relaxation. The public must not go too deep - not yet. The current paradigm is hanging delicately from a tenuous conceptual thread that needs constant reinforcement to stop society's fragile fabric from irrevocably tearing. This is what is meant by tearing the Temple Veil at the time of Christ's crucifixion. Where previously Jesus wept and God mourned now Oshana will Hallelujah - but only when everyone gets Enlightened.

Truth Seekers &Mortality: A Correlation

Not everyone can see the Truth and survive. Most people die - have you noticed that? They die because they see The Other Side.

Ramana Maharshi had permanent DT's (Delirious Tremens) shakes when The Great Spirit decided to intoxicate him at the tender age of 17. He explained that when Source (Brahmanubhava) entered his body that it was 'akin to an elephant having entered a hut!'

Similarly, in "The Matrix", Neo (Keanu Reeves) almost dies from shock when he sees that his whole life has been a dream, and that a computer system, The Matrix, has been controlling his mind and life-support systems.

Energy Clearing for Kundalini Casualties

The number of Western spiritual casualties grows daily. There are no support systems.

Drugs, intoxicants, planetary evolution, poor diet, tantra and philosophy can create openings that lead to energetic disfunctions that few doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine would even want to let into their surgery let alone handle.

I have been teaching Energy Clearing for Kundalini Casualties from spasms and shakes. It's not pleasant work. But who is going to offer it? Why should others suffer? If they want help, I find myself impelled to give it.

WAT? Why the Western Advaita Tradition of course!

I am probably no longer in the Western Advaita Satsang Traditional Educators Department. I won't miss it - there was no overtime - many teachers give the same once-a-month-tea-and biscuits-talk - and I prefer Chinese buns anyway. They repeat the same tired cliches such as "There is nothing you can do so you must be patient and hope that enlightenment, which doesn't exist, and never happened to me, happens for you, but don't wait because it has already happened, though it doesn't exist."

The Enlightenment Metaphor should move with the times, and be accessible to the masses.

Advaita's Pedantic Envoys

Advaita Vedanta, after all, is not the Truth but simply a masterful koan, which has been misinterpreted by Advaita's Pedantic Envoys. They seek to turn these Pointings at the Indescribable into a half-baked dogma about Reality, which they then pretend to fully understand.

Advaita is not supposed to be understood, it is supposed to confound.

These APE's should not be proud - they should be embarrassed - they have missed the point entirely. But instead, these APE's give themselves titles and run Advaita publishing enterprises that lead seekers astray. They even take Ramana Maharshi's various sayings collected over many years and recombine them in new but illegitimate ways to prove that they are definitely the True Faith Flock.

The worst punishments are meted out to apostates. If there still is time, maybe I can declare myself independent.

Pre-Enlightenment: I know nothing!

I was not considered a likely candidate for Enlightenment by some fellow seekers. I didn't understand anything I heard, probably because it could not be understood. I redoubled my efforts and peppered teachers with extra questions. It wasn't my fault. I was thoroughly misled by inauthentic seekers who smuggly sat with inane grins at the feet of the master and laughed and nodded at every word in a way that falsely declared that every statement could be understood. The fact is that many statements are unintelligible, and nearly every abstract statement should be forgotten.

I got enlightened because I had an unswerving commitment to the Truth. Not everyone does, so they don't get IT. I didn't consider that I had got IT until I had really got IT. I was clear about that. Halfway up the mountain is Not-theres-ville.

FAF! Ceased to Exist!

When I woke up today, the thought occured, "Maybe I am not a Western Advaitic anymore because The First Advaita Foundation no longer publishes my articles". I had ceased to exist!

I realised that it wasn't just a bad nightmare, for Lo! In the letter-box was a Big Rejection Note from FAF. That was kind, a thought arose.

In summary, the Big Rejection Note said:

1. We don't like debate pieces, our readers only wish to read contemplative ones.
2. We don't like the word "Enlightenment" - it's too loaded, creates separation, and doesn't exist anyway.
3. We don't like the word "Transmission", it implies that you do something to someone.
4. We are not responsible for anything in this BIG Rejection Note because we are not the Doer.

I don't mind. Even Jesus got rejected - by the BBC (Bible Board of Censors). He had to wait for a Pharisee called Paul to nominate him, and a doctor, Luke, to certify him.

Back to the story I told in Asheville. So, you are wondering again, what happened to my home? Did it burn down as I rushed for the airplane?

The moral of that story is: I didn't care.

The Great "I AM" vs The Great "Can't Give a Damn"

You know some Jews and Advaitics call God, Source, Consciousness the Great "I AM"?
In fact, it is the Great "Can't Give a Damn"

The whole of London no longer existed after I physically left it behind with the white smoke plume of the Boeing 747 airplane. Never look back. Go for the Light - that's the moral of The Tibetan Book of The Dead.

Wherever you are, that's where you are. When I teach, I teach until I drop. No thoughts intrude.

"Halfway up The Mountain" is for No-wheres-ville

An Oshana Intensive is very intense unlike many Western Advaita Satsang Traditional Educators Dept intensives. They give only give two sessions and three tea breaks per day - three and a half hours downtime. Conversely on an Oshana Intensive, "three and a half hours downtime" is the maximum amount you are likely to spend in your down-filled sleeping-bag. We work hard, play hard, and climb way out beyond Mariana Caplan's proverbial "Halfway up The Mountain".

"It's not over until it's over!" I was reported to have said in my sleep.

It will be Enlightenment or nothing.

No one is to rest until they are safely over on The Other Side. Until then, all "progress" is an illusion, and can easily be washed away.

That's how I work. I don't know that any other teacher teaches like this. You are from Chicago, right? If you come across a teacher that needs beefing up send them to me.

You are correct: a coach is required to improve your chances of success in the bid for Enlightenment, you are Going for God not Gold!

Prepare Yourself

We need to prepare your energetic vehicles to cope with the pressures of this race: constant and unremitting clearing away of blockages, and keeping the goal of Truth-Love-Consciousness in sight. Nothing is more tricky than the False Identity which resides in the Mind. It has kept you enslaved this long - and even if it offers you some perks occasionally - you could have so much more - The Whole of Creation itself.

So this is my longest email to you Paul, because you are worth it, and so is every other reader here, and I have chosen to stay and write to you and not to attend the "Dolphin" event - anyway, maybe Somendra didn't teach.

You have been profoundly changed subsequent to our email exchanges. One can only imagine what would happen when we meet and work together - either on personal growth and/or a project.

The Fifth Element is You

There is now an Oshana Core Group in Asheville, NC. The participants continue growing even when I am not there, by supporting and encouraging each other. Each holds a jigsaw piece. The Fifth Element is You.

much love, Oshana


I read the message below with a great deal of empathy. "There but for the grace of God go I", or to be more accurate - there in the grace of God goes another version of me.

I say another version because I don't really see myself doing the whole trek-to-India thing when there's plenty for me to work on while I'm sitting in one place. For me, the process hasn't been like a path or seeking so much as it has been internal drilling, mining, uncovering the sources, understanding the smoke and mirrors that create suffering/experiences. I've done this generally on my own, sometimes with your help, and sometimes with the help of others, through their written words or dialogues/conversations.

Still, I get the sense that this ongoing self-analysis could be done more efficiently if I had more frequent or closer contact with somebody who understands all this. Sort of like consulting a coach who can spot and correct the problems with your golf swing that you can't even perceive that you have. If this is a correct assessment, then it seems that I have several options: wait for your return to the US, arrange phone conversations with you, or locate somebody else whom I can trust, possibly with suggestions from you. What would you recommend?

Peace and love,