True Enlightenment Teachings yield lean, efficient seekers pared down for least wind-resistance, and having sufficient endurance to climb the oxygen-deficient mountain Paths.

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Oshana's Enlightenment Circuit Training Program

Hi K...,

I really enjoyed seeing your email in my Inbox. "I was waiting" as any guru (or Morpheus) would say.

I saw that you had applied for Potentials, but oddly the email application that you sent 5 days ago - only arrived today. The Net is grinding to halt. The Matrix is dissolving.

Well actually it isn't.

Good News: Creation Will Survive (a little longer)

The Illusion called "This Life" (not the popular TV series) will last as long as 7 billion beings on the planet, plus a myriad host of others who can't be with us today, consensually agree to finish this board game and start another one.

Bad News: Bodhisattvas Denied Holiday Leave

Which means, it seems, that I, like every other enlightenment teacher before now, is destined to stay behind on the sinking ship, so that those who wish to Go Beyond The Illusion have all the necessary support and guidance.

"Instant Enlightenment" is still available

When Enlightenment comes - it will strike down the False Identity in an instant - in much the same way that Darth Vader's light-saber struck down Obi Wan Kenobi in a flash - just like that - quick as a flash.

Obi Wan became stronger as a consequence. But he did require training and preparation to:

a. be a skilled swordsman
b. face Darth Vader
c. have the courage to do the right thing, i.e. in this case, make a scrificial move and let Darth strike him down (so he could resurrect like Jesus Christ).

9/10 Readers Asked: Is there anything that I can do?

Nearly every post has been in the format of: "Dear Oshana, What can I do to get enlightened? Looking forward to your reply, Steele_C_King"

Finally, there is something that you can do.

Oshana Enlightenment Circuit Training Program!

So while we are waiting for Enlightenment to Strike in an Instant - we can all go on the Oshana Enlightenment Circuit Training Program.

But, "Training with Oshana", is more difficult now than it used to be. As you know, there are no public/introduction meetings in London.

Chocolate Satsang Ends

Once, there were blissful chocolate "Ferrero Rocher" Satsang sessions. Where people just kicked back, and floated away on No-Mind clouds.

Now, there are many hoops and hurdles to get over before the real work even begins. Why?

1970: The Kundalini Casualty Era

Because, and every traditional enlightenment system has had to handle this, the consequences of the Awakening Energies rushing through a seekers nervous, psychic and energetic systems en route to dismantling the False Identity can lead to problems - they used to call them Kundalini Casualties back in the 70's when they weren't able to make fine enough discriminations and diagnoses.

Enlightenment is not for Romantics

To get enlightened, i.e. be free of the False Identity, is a journey that many romantics would love to do, until they realise the COST, which is - EVERYTHING.

False Evidence Appearing Real - this bit is too scary!

If one wishes to wake up from this LIFE, this Illusion, then one has to be able to step away from the Magician's Card Table, in order to see it from Another Perspective. But nearly everyone is so captivated by the Illusion, The Trick, The Survival Drama that they fear that they will lose their status, sanity and life if they leave all their repetitive mental patterns for just an Instant.

Seasoned Seekers Dropping Like Flies

Stepping onto the Real Liberation Path can have disturbing consequences for one's tightly held belief system. I didn't fully appreciate just how resistant the False Identity (Ego) can be until I saw seasoned seekers drop like flies into the Valley of The Ungrateful Dead. Despite the florid language, it really is no fun doing a stint in Spiritual Accident &Emergency (USA = Emergency Room).

The Matrix Metaphor - yet again!

In "The Matrix" Neo (Keanu Reeves)nearly has a cardio when he sees The Illusion for the first time- it's worse than losing all your family and possessions.

Screening Potentials

Hence we screen our Oshana Potentials - just like they did at The Oracle's house in Zion City ("The Matrix" again).

Conditioning Potentials

And those Potentials that are chosen are put through training and conditioning programs just like Neo.


Neo's first attempts at handling the virtual reality training programs were hopeless. He had to learn to Believe, and even more so learn to Unbelieve The Matrix's conditioning which had been fed into his brain. When he had learned all he could then he was allowed to re- enter The Matrix and continue his training on the job. He still had many lessons to learn suffered plenty of knocks, and nearly died.


But Neo continued because he had One Vision, One Dream Only, to face and dismantle The Matrix. Until then he could not truly be free. When he had freed himself from the Matrix's limiting beliefs then he could safely re-enter and save others.

This is a lot to comprehend and even more so to live it. You can see why Neo was called The One - because such talent is rare to find. From the Hindu Veda's we hear that of all those who question then seek then find a guru then practice diligently - of the millions that step on the path only one might get Liberation.


I aim to improve the statistics.

Gooey chocolate bliss satsangs yield only sick, tired and jaded spiritual small talkers.

True Enlightenment Teachings yield lean, efficient seekers pared down for least wind-resistance, and having sufficient endurance to climb the oxygen-deficient mountain Paths.

Very few can do this. There is no attempt here to get everyone on The Mothership to Home.

Commitment: The #1 Requirement

The main quality is commitment to Liberation. Without that commitment the Matrix will entice one back for something as trivial as a roast beef dinner (as it did for Cypher).

There is so much more to be said on this, but as Morpheus tells Neo:

"Time is always against us."

love Oshana

[Source: Oshana Mailing List]