Life is ordinary. Nothing unfolds. Focus on what you want to know. You might be surprised that the only way through is IN!

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Nothing unfolds

The only way through is IN!

[Oshana] Hi N....,

[N....] Thank you for agreeing to teach me. Wow I am thrilled to say the least. :)

[Oshana] Nada. It might be very unthrilling. Life is ordinary.

[N....] And yes, I guess time will tell how it unfolds.

[Oshana] Nothing unfolds. Sorry to be contrary.

[N....] Let me know if there is any way I can help!

[Oshana] Ta!

[N....] I believe our paths have crossed because it truly is time for me to awaken. It is my deepest desire.

[Oshana] *Sigh!* I hope so.

[N....] This caught my attention. I am very curious about your sigh. Can you tell me what prompted it and what it means?

[Oshana] I sigh for every dime that I could have had when I hear that. Sometimes it is true and sometimes it is an over-statement. Both are reasons to sigh.

[N....] Well I won't be there that soon but I am planning a trip to Italy next May so while I am in Europe I just may get to travel around.

[Oshana] OK We can speak on the phone. First, focus on what you want to know, and then email me about it.

[N....] OK. What I want to know is how to be happy. Peace is my desire and I am looking for the means to achieve it. I want to know how to transcend the illusions of the physical plane and experience my physicality with joy, celebration, abundance and FUN! I want to know how to transcend fear in all its forms. In a nutshell, I want to know how to get IT and BE with IT, sorta like manifesting Heaven on Earth. :)

[Oshana] You might be surprised that the only way through is IN!

Love N....

P.S. Cool review BTW at the den of Enlightenment. Very cool.

love Oshana

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