There is nothing to drop.The last spontaneous step is Accepting it All.

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The Last (Spontaneous) Step is Accepting it All...

[Questioner] I am new to the list. I joined and commenced to reading the previous messages from the first day. Well, I must say that I am having a grand time doing so, and I am appreciating the willingness to engage through email. I don't really know what to say. I mean, "drop it all" kind of says it. I have been at this spiritual thing for a time, so this kind of sums it up and makes it simple. So here is the question I ask myself. So am I dropping it all? Uh, Nope! This is an ouchy on the spiritual ego by the way. Will Ben ever drop it all? I am not sure Ben can. Would I like to? You bet. Do I experience some of the things you describe? Yep! Is it consistent? Nope! I found myself relating to Zenida's message number 13, especially the part at the end that said: "It is easy to feel peaceful and tranquil on my own, but not so easy around some people. I find that I need to learn how to love people more so that whatever they do I will stay in a state of bliss. Can you do that?".

I am not sure that it is a matter of me loving more. Not sure of much really. It sounds to me like loving and compassion is more the result of the dropping? Anyway, I relate to what she says. It is like I can detach and peacefully cruise in some spaces of life, and not in others. Yeah I know, who is detaching? Maybe the question is who is attaching? I don't know, but I am getting to the point that in these less than peaceful areas, one of which happens to be work, I want to tell some people everyone "When it comes to drama! Tell your mamma!" Seems kind of harsh and lacks the loving compassion thing, so I don't think that is right. Bottom Line: I am getting real sick of all the games, dramas, and self creating misery if this makes sense. So, I look to complete the turning of the internal "drop it" valve, but I can't seem to find it. I am easily pulled into my thoughts and experiences, so there is something that I am missing on the inside here. I am completely open to feedback. By the way, if you are in the US near the state of Tennessee, you have an invitation to visit. Thank you! Ben

[Oshana] There is nothing to drop. You never had any of 'it' anyway - so there is no "drop it" valve.The good news is that the spiritual ego is the last thing to go, and you might as well drop as much as makes good travel sense!The last spontaneous step is Accepting it All...

And dramas? Maybe you're supposed to get sick of them? And then one day IT is just like watching TheSimpsons and you get bored with that too...

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