The very thing that prevents enlightenment is the search for it/concept of it? Nothing prevents Enlightenment, nothing can! It happens naturally. No effort required!

Enlightenment Now


No effort required!

Actually, nothing prevents Enlightenment, nothing can!

[Questioner] I thought I'd drop you a quick line regarding the email below (from Stephen) to say how tremendously well put I felt it was. I do, however, have a question.

Stephen mentions "...the very thing that prevents enlightenment is the search for it/concept of it etc...." and I completely agree, but "letting go" of the concept of it sounds great in theory, yet does create a paradox.

This very "act" of "letting go" (of the concept of enlightenment) is undertaken in order to actually get enlightened (even if you pretend to yourself it's not), so you're straight back to a concept of enlightenment!

The problem, for me at least, is that once you've even conceptualised an idea such as enlightenment, you're stuffed! The only way "forward" is to completely forget that there's even such a thing as enlightenment and I for one can't do that without paying a lot of money for a full frontal lobotomy which, obviously, only my wife would suggest.

Kind regards Richard

[Oshana] Well spotted! This was why I asked to speak to Stephen - it was in order to iron out a few remaining points.

Actually, nothing prevents Enlightenment, nothing can!

I don't advocate 'letting go' as a practice. I don't advocate doing anything *except* meeting me. For example, I met a young lady who has been in email contact with me and been to a public meeting.

First, she was astonished at how Un-Teacher-like I am. I am ordinary. Then she was amazed by the Extra-odinary sense of being back in her Being. This was in her lunch-hour over, it was less than one hour and she ate, I had an Apple &Cinnamon tea.

We had spoke about that this and that. She remarked that she hadn't thought of capitalising on being with a eacher and asking Insightful Questions yet still she Clicked into Her Self.

It happens naturally. No batteries or effort required!

[Anyway about that lobotomy....has your wife let you look in the fridge yet?]

[Anyway, please don't try any of the above at home without an adult present!]

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