I would say that there is no 'must' in Life as saying we 'must' be anything is a design of the mind to control Life.

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The Word "Must" is Irrelevant

Dear Judy,

I agree with advice "Don't Panic" as taken from "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" especially if one is Keanu Reeves impressing the pants off of Sandra Bullock on a runaway bus which is booby-trapped to blow up if it's "Speed" goes below 50 mph, after all how else is he going to get his scheduled by in the last minute of the movie?

However, we don't have to accept or be patient about anything. We are free to reject, accept, get mad.... but, of course, we *could* accept all or none of those reactions even the one does not 'accept'. I would say that there is no 'must' in Life, as saying we 'must' be anything is a design of the mind to control Life.

Acceptance is simply acceptance and not a chosen attitude. How could one accept what one does not accept. Acceptance comes free with Enlightenment. Before Enlightenment, it is a good but unattainable ideal. Similarly, gratitude is unavoidable and not a choice.

love Oshana

From Judy:

The sincere seeker must simply remain calm and accept the process as it unfolds, knowing that if s/he reaches a point where s/he is nearly always in a totally egoless state, her/his earthly experience is clearly close to its end. As long as we are in this physical body, we must accept and even celebrate our blessed state AS IT IS, fully living our human experience and loving every moment of it. Remain joyful, patient and alert, feeling gratitude for those momentary glimpses or "shifts in perspective" that are so tantalizing.



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