Gurus are never irritated, only their followers because they are itching for Liberation from itching

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Itching for Liberation from Itching!

[Oshana] Hi Richard,

[Richard] Thanks for your emails and sorry for being such an irritating pest. You mentioned "why don't I try Glastonbury"? Can you let me know when you'll be there, and where?

[Oshana] Gurus are never irritated, only their followers because they are itching for Liberation from itching. So as a salve from yout itchiness - this: Total Happiness is in Glastonbury 2nd-8th Dec 2000, with two formal meetings Mon 4th &Thurs 7th December 2000 at 6:30 p.m., and lots of personal ones.

[Richard] Hmm! I'm starting to get the feeling that you're toying with me. Perhaps I asked for it though? Everything that happens happens exactly as we wanted it to.......blah, blah.......

[Oshana] Maybe you feel that way - maybe it's your karma - maybe it's your genes - maybe it's the curry you ate last night - maybe you were a pseudo-guru in a past-life manifesting fake and shoddy jewellery...yes, maybe....

[Richard] All I want, and all I've ever wanted is a permanent "experience" of Self/God etc, etc. I have no idea at all what that actually means so I must be basing that "want" on a complete and utter illusion (the story of our lives or what?).

[Oshana] By Jove, I think someone has got it!

[Richard] Over the years I've come across van loads of those well groomed used- car salesmen; the Yogi Deepak types peddling instant bliss if you'll their "answers". I know all their "answers" now and so far I seem to have got absolutely nowhere apart from managing to conjure-up what those "gurus" call a "dark night of the soul".

[Oshana] Well, I ask very ask very little and expect a lot less.

[Richard] Actually I'm not even overly convinced that that's truly genuine. I've probably just got an attack of haemorrhoids.

[Oshana] So maybe it isn't the past life, then what About Last Night? - the curry?

[Richard] You're completely right, I am "itching" but maybe I'm also starting to become "realistic". I mean I'm starting to think that the "itch" and I should stop fighting and maybe just get engaged..........swap rings in Vegas or somewhere.....

[Oshana] There's a joke in there somewhere. But we will have to get down to work soon - Into to the Vegas ring you go SELF vs Ego, in opposite corners - it's a win by a K.O. before the starting bell has even "ding-dinged".

BTW If you do go to Vegas instead of Glastonbury for Xmas you might see Andrew Cohen at ring-side. Andrew is a big fight fan. I don't know if that has any bearing on a conversation I had with Catherine Ingrams, another teacher who had had a debate with Andrew. I asked if her description of Awakening as having a moral component really meant that we wouldn't find Enlightened people at a boxing match. She thought not and asked me to "Be Silent" - maybe that's what did it for me? Hmmm?

Regards, Richard

ps: I'd be interested in your Totnes trip; it's just "up the road" from me. If you're ever in Cornwall maybe we could meet, although I must warn you, I am awfully busy at the moment looking for enlightenment.

[Oshana] I'm in Totnes on 6th Dec, and I am open to doing meeting in Cornwall sometime.

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