"Mild, tame joyfulness, wonder, appreciation of whatever happens. No-thing has a shiny, luminous quality.It never leaves.One is distracted from It."

Enlightenment Now


It never leaves

We should call it CAN (Get IT Now)!

[Questioner] People seem to want it Now, and quickly. Perhaps the influence of so much CNN?

[Oshana] We are so fortunate. We should call it CAN (Get IT Now)!

[Questioner] It is a sort of mild, tame joyfulness, ("What? Me? ... Tame???") a wonder and appreciation of whatever happens. The intensity varies. Not necessarily full-tilt boogey 'Bliss' all the time.

[Oshana] Yes, it sounds good ...

[Questioner] My blank has a shiny, luminous quality. It's No-thing, but it does have clarity, luminosity.

[Oshana] How do you know? I'm interested. I just noticed more clearly that my Mind got filled with Light when it Popped Open.

[Questioner] Perhaps it's more accurate to say, it gets freshly re-obscured. It got covered over again. Or something else 'loud' comes in to take up the space, and the background spaciousness, luminosity, clarity and emptiness temporarily fades, or rather -- one's attention is elsewhere? -- that's it: one is distracted from It.

[Oshana] You got there before I had to say it. That's very good.

[Questioner] Primarily, I am alerting people to the possibility that there is More than They Think, even those who seem to be at the End but aren't Yet.

The End? You mean transitioning/leaving the body/dying? Or something else?

[Oshana] I should rephrase that. The Not-the-End-End is for those who are actually on The Edge but temporarily have taken a long lunch-break so that they can waffle a bit before getting on with jumping. Byeeeee!

[Questioner] At the moment it's at the Infectitious stage later on I think that there will be elements that are replicable but only by a Realised Technician. Where do I get in line?

[Oshana] Come here, now!

[Questioner] And once it isn't there, the memory of it is really strong.

So It never leaves, correct? My attention, or willingness to see it, or more

like, 'rest in it' ... gets distracted.

[Oshana] Yes, again.

[Questioner] love it when that happens! ...when I get it before you say it (and then you say it). Mind to mind. Language is so ... cumbersome and inadequate sometimes.

[Oshana] This is soo-ooo goood...

[Questioner] Thank you, Oshana. "Hey-sana, ho-sana, ... sana, sana, ho-sana, hey-sana, Hoooooooo-saaaaa naaaaa .... "

[Oshana] My favorite Album!

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