when Nothing is happening it is actually very beautiful. How else could a Kabbalistic-Pontiac Belle called Madonna make a song about escaping into Nothing i.e. 'Holiday'

Enlightenment Now


Intravenous Line from Being into the Mind...

[Oshana] Dear Devi, You are the soundbite queen! I don't know if I will have time right now to answer you line by line but I will address the main themes.

However, I do appreciate your long and humourous pieces as they give a bit color to the impression of you.

[Questioner] I have The View, and I have the prolonged experience of that state, but the experience isn't stabilized. I can rest in the nature of mind, but (and) I still, occasionally, get ruffled and agitated by external circumstances from time to time.

[Oshana] That happens but why is it seen as problem?

[Questioner] My main obscuration is actually desire.

[Oshana] Tea, vicar?

[Questioner] But I'm functional, in the worldly and social sense of the word. Please offer feedback and coaching on this. Is all this analyzing and working with the obscurations a waste of time?

[Oshana] Maybe so..

[Questioner] I can click right back into The View. It not difficult, but it is not completely effortless all the time, either. Sometimes it is effortless.

[Oshana] Are you clicking into Bliss? The View is always there in effort and in no-effort.

[Questioner] I prefer the mirror metaphor myself (mirror metaphor: my Self!) because mind/the ground/the nature of pure experience is like That -- clear, luminous, reflective.You don't have one of those blank white wall samadhis, do you?

[Oshana] Not quite. Actually, when Nothing is happening (blankety blank) it is actually very beautiful. How else could a Kabbalistic-Pontiac Belle called Madonna make a song about escaping into Nothing i.e. "Holiday"

[Questioner] As far as the chocolate/orgasm metaphor goes -- I didn't mean to imply that my state is a sensory 'sensation' or buzz, something I could 'feel' although there have been certain 'nyam' (Tib.) or meditative phenomena, kind of like minor kriyas, that I've had from time to time over the years, but that is a fleeting thing with much more 'sensation' and those are clearly energetic 'phenomena' that arise and cease (not enlightenment).

[Oshana] Ok. You are keenly distinguishing...this is an education!

[Questioner] Ok. You are keenly distinguishing...this is an education!

[Oshana] True

[Questioner] I understand (experientially) the difference between phenomena (pictures arising in the mirror) and the direct experience of mind (the ground) itself. The idea of the chocolate/orgasm metaphor is 1)how delicious it is :-) , and 2) how indescribable it is to communicate it to those who haven't.

[Oshana] OK

[Questioner] I get that if it's something that fades, changes or goes away -- it isn't Enlightenment. At least the level of realization isn't stabilized.

[Oshana] I not sure how you know it's gone..???

[Questioner] Ok, I'm talking too much, but one may not get the opportunity like this every day, so ....

[Oshana] So true.

[Questioner] In order to *clearly* discuss and *really communicate* (in language) about such an non-conceptual matter as realization and enlightenment, we have to make certain linguistic distinctions. So I'm getting used to the language you're using. You'll notice that I am developing a certain vocabulary to assist in communicating about this. Even though we are referring to non-conceptual, beyond conceptual, I see how useful it is to be able to make it meaningful to people via concepts/language, 'cause that's mostly what human beings (at least those who have ready and realistic access to and the aspiration for enlightenment) are engaged in ... making meaning via language. I'm interested in your ideas about this. I mean, you didn't open your internet dialogue for nothin', right? Primarily, I am alerting people to the possibility that there is More than They Think, even those who seem to be at the End but aren't Yet.

[Questioner] Obviously, if you've got IT in such a contagious way that people slip, slide or pop into a refined state of awareness in your presence -- I'm ready to learn how to do that if it's learnable. Is it 'learnable'? or would you say, more 'catchable'? (In the Tibetan tradition that's called transmission.) I'm trainable, Oshana.

[Oshana] At the moment it's at the Infectitious stage later on I think that there will be elements that are replicable but only by a Realised Technician.

[Questioner] I got here through very enthusastic application of methods and joyful effort, for quite a few years. I have had wonderful teachers to whom I am extremely grateful. And looking back from here I surely see that there was a much more direct path, though I've taken a rather serpentine one. Definitely smelled a few roses along the way. And there is a much more direct path than the one I took, that's for sure, for those who want it. Hindsight is loverly, don't you think?

[Oshana] It sounds perfect but there far too much here to look back at what never really happened..

[Questioner] I sure like The View from here. Uh Huh, I see..

And once it isn't there, the memory of it is really strong.

[Oshana] But IT is there.

[Questioner] Yeah, memories/the Past -- which is dead, gone, over -- if hanging around, can definitely interfere with the fresh experience of this spontaneously arising moment. When it's over -- it's over.

[Oshana] It doesn't so much interfere as distract the Mind's attention from Now...I feel it's about getting an Intravenous Line from Being into the mind...

[Questioner] And "It ain't over 'til it's over." (Yogi Beara) It think that's what is going on with those On The Edge. The past, the lingering incompletions, or truckload of whatever, is still hanging around taking up space.

Got it -- It's all the nature of mind expressing itself. Arising ... (Abiding) ... Ceasing. Every expression/arising of mind self-liberates itself spontaneously.

[Oshana] It does seem like that sometimes but I am not aware of any Non-Liberation - anywhere

[Questioner]Let's do it. Where do you wanna start?

[Oshana]What's going on now?

[Questioner] My pleasure, Oshana. Yes, right here, right Now. I'm so glad that you get that I get it. Gawd, ;- I could use a little company.

[Oshana] Always here - especially for the very best.

[Questioner] Even among enlightened beings, it is rare that one ALSO has the ability to give (actually just 'be') an embodied 'transmission' of the state, conferring all the benefits onto those in their midst. Sounds like embodied boddhisattva-hood to me. People work (practice) lifetimes for that.

[Oshana] Nah! Really? It just happened...

[Questioner] This just happened to you spontaneously? Since birth, or later on in this life? Did you do formal practices? Have you had teachers? (So many questions!) If you're in the business of alleviating suffering, as I am, then understanding how to replicate enlightenment is the only thing that's going to cut it.

[Oshana] I am in the business of having fun and don't really see or dig suffering. I did spiritual things with various personalities then I stopped......schreeech!

[Questioner] Since you are in UK, and I am in Texas, I am really curious if your transmission can occur through photo transmission. As we know, transmission at this refined level often occurs beyond the physical boundaries of space and distance, and even time (but that isn't an obstacle in this case) kind of like these invisible cyber bands and waves we're using (space is empty/effulgent, right?) so it would be an interesting experiment, and perhaps immensely, invaluably helpful to me. Would you please email me your photo? And I'll let you know what happens. Also I would humbly ask that you really make the intention very strong for me to GET IT, completely, all the benefits. Since I am really On The Edge, and I am an open matrix with regard to stabilizing my Enlightenment, that might do it for me.

[Oshana] OK. My photos are are supposed to get to me soon. It depends on your openness...which has nothing to do with you, anyway...do you have a pic?

[Questioner] And the Self has no inherent existent. Cannot be found or ocated. When you apprehend the apprehender ... no one is there. Just clear luminous reflective awake space. Aaaaaaaaahhh....

[Oshana] More like: Mmmmmmm!or Ah ah ah ah -hah ha ha ha!

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