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Oshana's Interactive Permanent-Bliss Dialogues Radical Identity Changing Dialogues

Dear Friend,

It is proposed that the Oshana list will include transcripts of Interactive Permanent-Bliss Dialogues - real conversations with real people from public and private meetings.

However, I would like to point out that if a Dialogue is to be life-changing that it should be *your* dialogue. It is *you* that gets 'IT' and it is *you* that will change - finally, forever, permanently.

Having said that, useful qualities result from 'over-hearing' the Dialogues: faith, commitment, staying power, insight, peace, bliss, joy and contentment.

But the 'job' is not done until the 'contentment' is permanent. This 'contentment' is of a radically different order compared with any experience that I had before it happened. It is unshakeable, and brings many desirable secondary benefits: stability, security, wonder, awe, clarity, definiteness, confidence.

These gifts are not for me to hide. But to give away, to share with you who wants to take them, meaning: to find them in yourself, to be completely satisfied, to be finished with `searching for more'.

I will endeavour to answer online queries as time permits and publish extract here (anonymously if you prefer). But what could be better than meeting for `real' over a cup of herbal tea or a steaming bowl of noodles?

much love,


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