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Infinite patience!

[Oshana] Hi Kat,

[Kat] Hej, Oshana

[Kat] Subscribed to nonduality salon but can't be bothered to read all the posts; nothing more boring than watching somebody else trying to get it, imho. Potty training perhaps? (In parallel with your shit-or-get-off-the-pot practice? i don't know how you bear it) ;-)

[Oshana] Infinite patience! It's inhuman and not mine...anyway glad to see some of my metaphors are being recycled, though I don't remember saying exactly that...but then I remember so little of what I say

[Kat] I'm quite a political as well as spiritual person and this no doubt shapes my assumptions about what it is I seek.

It appears to me more and more as if enlightenment is not something remote or big or clever or well-trained or prepared or any other thing (although one's personal state may be shaped by any and all of these characteristics.) I get that we are all already enlightened and that the only job to be done is just to notice that. I can feel this more easily than I can think it but that is to be expected because most of my own work is emotive rather cognitive.

[Oshana] It's neither, but I'd say it's more like feeling than thinking..so I say feel your way in the dark and there it is!

[Kat] When I must (as now) think about it at all, I see enlightenment as the state of human health which is our natural state. It seems to me that any difficulty in understanding this is a consequence of the deliberate damage done by cynical social and political and economic systems designed to spread the individualism, greed, commodity fetishism and over consumption typical of over developed societies.

[Oshana] I don't know if anyone or thing is to blame, but it's a viable theory to assume that conditioning creates an identity which becomes the problem. But that stage might be inevitable for all human beings.

[Kat] You have your work cut out for you, me thinks.

[Oshana] Yes, I've got more than I can handle at the organisational level. Teaching/pointing is the easy part.





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