the essence of it was a level of impeccability in consciousness that I can only visit and then leave, as I can't 'hold' my Self there

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Ms. S : Adventure in Consciousness Experiences &Other Menial Information

[Oshana] Ms. S, No. 1 talented student and nearly a graduate, has just commune- icated...we pick up the thread:

Dearest "Ms. S" or shall I call you No. 34?

Thank you for the information and other (as you say) menial data, unfortunately the offices are presently closed for vacation and your friend and teacher in consciousness cannot come to the phone, however he would like you to know that you are in his thoughts, sometimes.

For now "chill" - preferably in warm well aerated environs.

Since you are still in reality a star pupil I humbly seek your permission to publish your letter, anonymously or otherwise, of course you retain full copyright and should there be any royalties at a later date then we could come to some arrangement.

Yours - fellow-sojourner in Truth,


PS Thank you for your persistent efforts to deal with modern technology in order to commune-icate.

[Ms. S] Hi Oshana, This has taken me ages just to get this far - so this letter will be a short and fast one as the Library closes soon.

Hope you got back to London in one piece last night, and enjoyed seeing your family again.

To get to the point - I had an interesting consciousness experience last night - and am now relegating myself from No.1 student to no.34!!

I think I went to high/deep for my circuits at this time, always the adventurer. I experienced a sublime level of impeccability in the shape of a chinese male being who was literally shining in a darkened room reading a chinese newspaper there are more details but the essence of it was a level of impeccability in consciousness that I can only visit and then leave, as I can't "hold" my Self there.

The result of this over ambitious leap is to almost find myself back at level one - except that I know that it isn't real any more. My ego self is literally screaming and has been all day, I'm doing my best to just be with it!! Out on a limb and on my own. I want to thank you,

I realise that you are my friend and my teacher in consciousness, I'm not sure how this goes - but am aware I have an intense bond in relation to you and this is going against everything I thought - but I'm going with it. With very little time to explain more and verbalise more as the Library is shutting - that is all I can comment on for now.

Lets see what tonight brings. I would love to meet up with you for more dialogues if that is appropriate in London? Let me know.

Whatever this is I'd like to keep the essence of "impeccability" intact. Would have been more amusing - but the time element isn't in my favour!!

Best wishes and lots of love

[Ms. S] Hallo Mr Oshana,

I remain your humble stundent - sorry student of the number 1 position and can hardly believe my luck to remain so!

I've just reread the letter you think would be excellent to publish, always good to know that privacy will be respected in the public arena.

Yes go ahead, publish - I never wanted a reputation anyway! Am just replying at this moment in time despite the offices being closed, enjoy your chill out. Things continue unabated, does this journey never end? Probably I'm becoming one of those fanatical bores who can only talk about Being in the Truth, with occasional breaks for lunch and personal ablutions (love that word).

Thanks for your humour - good to know you're in the world. How have the pictures come out? By the way am trying to start a fan club, have told several people about your humble presence, and am looking forward to better turn outs in the future!! I was trying to be serious for the moment and it turned against me - bother!

Have had a few interesting experiences that it would be good to share with you when the offices are open. "Its" calming down a bit and I'm seeing so much at the subtler levels. Just discovered amongst other things that my reputation as well as my fear keep me entranced with the other life. Takes alot of energy to keep in lift off mode. I feel like the space shuttle thats hovering off the ground ready to disgorge into outer space - but not quite. Feel its important to be fit, healthy and relinquish all modes of previously sought after energy forms to facilitate lift off!!

See you soon. Best wishes and lots of love

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