My aim is to direct people to that Enlightenment, Consciousness, that is always here. I strive to put it into a Western context, and to avoid misleading cliches. I like to use humour and gentleness

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Enlightenment Courtesy of Humour &Gentleness

[Oshana] Vicky,

Thanks for your candid reply.

Co-incidentally, I also have been in bodywork for a long time.

[Vicky] thanx for your reply on the list, they triggered again "mixed feelings" in me and I know also why.

I don't know much about what you do, what you teach etc., so please forgive me, but what you saying is definitely true but that could say anybody. These things are written in all these 100.000 Neo-Advaita books which are overtaking the spiritual 'marketplace' and we all know it isn't this easy. (if yes, why are we not all Enlightened yet?? Still not knowing what Enlightenment actually is.)

[Oshana] My aim is to direct people to that Enlightenment, i.e. Consciousness, that is always here. My difference is that I strive to put it into a Western context, and to avoid misleading cliches. I like to use humour and gentleness.

My current perspective is that people are Awake but that their minds, and other surface 'bodies', have not 'caught' it, or caught on. However, some people are realising that they are Awake, in and around the Total Happiness meetings, which leads me to conclude that Enlightenment is here and easier to attain than some claim.

[Vicky] So, my mixed feeling is that it seems arrogant to me to say, just BE enlightened.

[Oshana] Good point, it is not a command. I also, if I read you correctly, find commands unhelpful. I often say, that Enlightened Advice is only practicable for Awakened people, and they don't practice it, they just are it.

However, Enlightenment is in just "being", no doing is involved - this has to be repeatedly made clear since it is frequently overlooked.

[Vicky] Look, my experience is that my 'True Self' is free, no doubt about that. But there is much more to the picture. When I read one email from you about a teaching where you wrote '...maybe they all got enlightened...',maybe they did, but it is not just an elightenment experience which makes you free! I am looking for some complete, consistent transendence.

[Oshana] It is helpful to assume everyone is Enlightened for numerous reasons especially if there is no reason to assume the opposite. My job is to get you to admit and to be in and talk from that place that is Awake. Some people have started to do that.

From my end, Enlightenment is not a transitory experience. I watch and wait to see the permanence of the experience in others. My sense is that this Enlightenment will never go away. I should be careful about the word `transcendence'. This experience is both of this world and not of it. It is not `out-of-this-world' only.

[Vicky] Also what you wrote about the body, sure...all my experience too (by the way I've been in the health/bodyworker field for more then 10 years), so I know a little bit about it. But also the end it boils down to, if the individual really, I mean really, wants to change. Then anything IS possible. My experience (also for myself), is, that we foremost want relief and not so much change ourselves...

[Oshana] I'd agree that some people want relief and not change. Ultimately, change is not important. A healthy mind and body simply enhances the joy of being Awake.


Well, Oshana I hope this gives you an idea why I have a reaction to your letters.

I enjoy your questions, and your approach, and encourage you to investigate further if you like.

Much love Vicky

much love,


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