Flowery metaphors are for Beekeepers who keep their thirsty disciples who keep their disciples en-tranced with dripping rivulets of golden nectar

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Honey for the Bees!


The 'shortcut key' is to come to a meeting and have a dialogue. While I like flowery metaphors for their entertainment and comedic value - we could sit around the table and have a pun-fight, for instance - they often do NOT lead to Awakening but En-Tracening and anything you can Enter, be it trance, Bliss, heaven or whatever is smaller than your Consciousness - so you are just going into a Hole, another cave, tunnel, experience - what have you - anyway, I'm digressing: flowery metaphors are for Beekeepers who keep their thirsty disciples who keep their disciples en-tranced with dripping rivulets of golden nectar. You can see them at Satsang meetings - their eyes as big saucers, while their ears, open like clams, grab every bit of sandy grit, digest it, and make another smooth mother of pearl figurine/deity to worship.

I saw Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi), the hugging mother, yesterday because the film crew felt it was a scenic backdrop for their documentary.

Amma's full name means something like Mother Nectar Bliss, and that is exactly what she gives out, and it is lovely to see people getting high in a natural way, and the participants who often look so heavy at John de Ruiter's meetings were actually laughing. But how many will Awaken? Or even, how many will learn how to dish out Bliss themselves? While several thousand queued over 6 hours for a brief hug very few people (less than 0.1%) could be seen sharing hugs.

Amma was the focus, and in one sense rightfully so. One participant told me of the fear she felt going up to hug Amma, and how really it should have been one of the least fearful and most joyful situations she would ever have. She said it was the fear of meeting her Self.

True. If you can really look at yourself - you would Awaken. If there is one thing I must do as a 'teacher' it is to get you to look at yourself. Then you will see there is no fish, hook or fisherman but only You everywhere.

So when we get down to the real work there are no metaphors, euphemisms or stories only the clear seeing of what is here right now.

Love Oshana

p.s. We will meet soon.

Dear Oshana

I came across you in a posted copy of your reply to Johathon in a newsgroup - talk.religion.course-miracle. I have read all your postings with great interest and enjoyment.

All my life I have been aware of a spiritual dimension and as I get older the pull seems to get stronger but the hill appears to get steeper and I wonder if I will have enough breath to finally get to the top (Home).

In one of your dialogues I think you mentioned laying down the books and just waiting for things to happen. I would like to be able to do this but it seems once the fisherman has got you on his hook your ego tells you to fight all the way to the bank. Can you suggest a shortcut for my desktop that I can can press and land straight on the bank?

I live in Cambridge and would much enjoy meeting you. Would there be a chance of this if I came to Glastonbury for 6th Nov.

With Love


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