I feel that the power coming from you is divine. Actually, a thought came to mind that I was bombarded with high speed particles that had a lively intelligence. Not every mind can see or accept things that it has never been trained to see

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After talking to you I have been thinking about many issues. I feel that the power coming from you is divine. Actually, a thought came to mind that I was bombarded with high speed particles that had a lively intelligence.

This is an excellent description. You are indeed fortunate. Not everyone can see or accept these things. A mind that can accept all that it has never been trained to see is a mind that can far on this journey of self-discovery.

I met - a 93 year old woman who is as she herself says, united with her own divinity, she doesn't like the word enlightenment.

The word 'enlightenment' like God is controversial, problematic and open to misunderstanding. Yet, enlightenment does exist. To use or not to use the E-word is a matter of personal taste. It was good enough for the Buddha.

I have been growing under the wise words shelter of her leading me in my path. She says that she is helping people on a definite place of the path.

It is very important to discern if she can and will take people to the end of the road.

As the pop song says "Let's go all the way"( Sly Fox ). There is no reason to ask for or expect anything less.

That is why I know that enlightened people are doing differnt things; you are teaching those people who can be enlightened, who are mature enough, which is why I want to converse with you more.

I feel that all enlightened people are doing the best that they can to enlighten others - eventually. Some may have a long term plan. My motto is from the film The Matrix : 'Time is always against us'. One must want enlightenment now. You would be shocked if you knew the number of times that has been available in your life.

Still I feel that the divine is the same, but its manifestation varies and the intensity it can be given, so as not to burn the receivers system.

There are two separate ideas in there. The divine is in everything, but not everyone is chosen to teach. Not all divinity leads to enlightenment, some leads to ignorance.

Some teachers specialise in specific energies which awaken specific parts of inner awareness e.g. mental, intuitive, emotional.

A receptor (student initiate) could burn out if the flow from an impure teacher is forced or in appropriate.

I also realized yesterday that what matters is where the human being is giving his attention.

Excellent realisation. Did I say on the phone that you will learn far more through non-verbal transmission that you will from what is said?

So it really depends on the self of the receiver. Or better, if the Self in the receiver of energy is already very awake i.e. the the body-mind vehicle is more awakened, rarefied.

This a research question i.e. why are some people receptive ?

So I had the conclusion that nobody can "give" the enlightenment. One who is blessed to have a contact with the enlightened has to be ready for the impulse.

An enlightened teacher may over time, like dropping water that penetrates limestone over a hundred years, have a deep and profound impact on anyone's potential for enlightenment.

You said that enlightenment is really rare, well, it has to be, because all the astral creations created by a human must first be uncreated by himself unless he doesnt want anything from this world and is not entangled by his emotions to different things.

All the astral creations can still persist but one is not 'entangled' or identified with them.

I understood that you meant this when you said it is really important that you choose with whom you are in contact?

One must find a teacher with whom one is in profound and deep rapport. Then the powerful inner teaching happens naturally.

As to who or what you should avoid I will explain this in a later reply. Suffice to say that The Matrix is Everywhere and All Around You. You cannot in fact avoid it, you have to face it, and wait for it to dissolve - as it does for Neo (Keanu Reeves) when he stands up to the Agent's bullets. The Buddha also kept still when faced with Mara's arrows. However, you must spend your time wisely and stay aware.

Extra: I remembered what happened on Saturday (after we spoke): I was reading Eckhart Tolle's book, and some words really awakened something in me. In that moment I felt a sharp pain on the back, under the right shoulder blade. It is near the location of assemblage point-(here comes the different syntax from Carlos Castaneda !) where the perception is assembled. I knew instantly that spirit was moving it and my consciousness shifted to another mood, silent everything coming like waves, I enjoyed it immensely, walking in the park I seemed to feel what trees felt. The human world wasnt concrete anymore.

And the entire world isn't concrete which is why people wobble out periodically and they have no clue why.

love Oshana

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