You will get familiar with what IT is all about.Wanting it is not a hindrance. And IT isn't what one imagines. Imagine floating outside of Everything you know

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Floating outside of Everything

Germany Report: Imagine floating outside of Everything that you Know

[Oshana] If you are open, honest and vulnerable as I am in Dialogue then I am confident that you will get familiar with what IT is all about. Most people do. It's about tuning and not thinking about tuning in.

You'll see others getting IT or close to IT and hopefully know for yourself what this is all about. Anyone who travels from far away generally gets attention as does most everyone who requires it.

Wanting it is not a hindrance. And IT isn't what one imagines - it wasn't for me. Imagine floating outside of everything you know - it's like that!

[Questioner] thanks again for the quick reply! I wouldn't mind getting the whole magazine. The Tape Glastonbury Meeting December the 7th, you were talking with N.... about her "happy space" she enjoys since her childhood. I would also like to get another tape of your choice

Satsang is all over the place here, and I get invitations almost on a weekly basis now. So why do I want to visit you nevertheless (unless Awakening strikes before that time)?

I cannot really explain. I am at least aware of a semi-conscious hope to "get" "it" from you somehow, what with all the reports about your meetings. Some part of me knows that and hopes to be disappointed about that, and that Truth will have its way,

which have always been totally different from what I expected. So I try to be open for whatever lesson a meeting with you might be.

[Oshana] It's very flattering that you talk of 5-d meetings. My impression is that the meetings are out of space and time. Some people do favourably compare me with other teachers, and yet I am different. Probably more approachable.

[Questioner] By the way, your Glastonbury December Tapes have beautiful - although I can only guess what's really different in your meetings when compared with other satsang meetings I have attended - the 5-D-Experience with you, possibly? Love R...(from Germany)

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