the 'teacher's' job is to finish the search for the 'student'

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Finishing the Business of Seeking Awakening

Dear Vicky,

Thanks for the article. I believe I may have read it before but will look at it anew.

I met Andrew in his early days c.1989. His talk-content was quite different then, e.g. he was really down on meditation, and now he has made a complete turnaround and stipulates it as a mandatory, according to one commune member.

I appreciate that in the last year or so that Andrew has brought out a small and concise book. I generally had found him to be quite abstract. While I certainly found him challenging - for me he did not finish my sojourn in "The Business of IS-Ness".

I think Andrew's take on John de Ruiter is similar to mine on Andrew, i.e. that they don't finish the business of seeking Awakening. But in many ways, since becoming what Andrew calls a "spiritual teacher", (but I question if I am teacher - maybe he is - I am more a Guide) I admire the fact that he is doing his best. His descriptive writing skills are good but some of his stuff is too abstract to be useful from my point of view.

For me, the "teacher's" job is to finish the search for the "student" Great descriptions, questions and theories - while fun and inspiring - and let's face it we all like to be entertained and consoled on this: possibly The Loneliest Journey of all (well next to Marathon Running) -they do not necessarily do anything to Awaken way. Saying that, Andrew is doing his best in trying to convey an Experience which he once had or still has.

Just one question on 'spiritual evolution': Does Consciousness evolve or it it always the Same?

love Oshana

Dear Oshana,

just to let you know...because you were refering to Andrew in your last mail and guessing what he means with impersonal enlightenment. Andrew means something completely different, it's much much exploding possibility in evolution....

I give you the URL to look it up if you like or just read the article I copied from the web.

By the way did you ever meet him? He is from New York City and very straight forward...I could imagine you would appreciate this.

Much love


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