One of the most important things when you are working inside The Matrix is knowing where your EXIT POINT is!
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Tank, I need an exit.....Fast!

One of the most important things when you are working inside The Matrix is knowing where your EXIT POINT is!

Hi V',

So glad to hear from you!

I can't always type reply but that doesn't mean that I am not always in contact with you.

Also I give you a little time and space to let the effects of the Transmission catch up with you and your environment because the energy is coming into your being and your surroundings. So there are going to be some changes going on!

Last night I watched The Matrix. It was premiered on UK national TV. I'm so happy that happened. I was getting goose-bumps all the time, constantly finding strong analogies with teaching and seeking.

One of the many scenes and lines that struck me is when Morpheus teaches Neo that "if you are not one of us, you are one of them. ...Anyone we haven't unplugged is potentially an Agent", because an Agent can "move in and out" of anyone still hooked up to the Matrix. Thus, Agents are "everyone" and "no one."

If you are Waking Up then you could encounter resistance to it. The Agents got very desperate towards the end of the movie. The closer you get to freedom the more difficulties arise, and yet they can be overcome. These apparent difficulties can be easily dissolved because they are not real. In the same way it's possible to jump from one tall building to another - but only in the Matrix (don't try it at home!)

People around you who act like seekers will even say that Awakening and Enlightenment are not possible - sometimes. This does not mean that they are being malicious, but at times they can be part of the test and the resistance to waking up.

Having said all that, "Agents" are not a problem - when you "start to believe", and this belief is not an intellectual belief - but a deep feeling

"What you know you can't explain, but you feel it,
like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad."
- Morpheus

When you get tested you find out how much you want something. Some people believe that it's really easy being a teacher. That isn't the whole picture. Human society doesn't want to wake up. If you work to bring about Enlightenment - and everyone can do something, everyone can convey part of the Transmission - then you will encounter resistance.

Waking someone up is a delicate process that requires absolute vigilance and exact timing. We see these qualities are required when Neo has the electronic bug removed from his navel and when he is located and pulled from the watery pod. If one is distracted then the seeker who is opening up and incredibly vulnerable might get dropped on his or her head. Also this is the time when seekers do get attacked by various energies that work through the mind and other people.

So we see spiritual groups where people have powerful experiences but when they get close to Waking Up then they are attacked or made wrong. Cypher originally believed in Morpheus, but in the end just as the Crew were on the brink of success, having found The One, he betrayed them, and almost got *all* of them killed - including Neo and Morpheus. If that had happened the Resistance to the Matrix would have been set back indefinitely.

Right now, human society will either destroy itself or get fully enlightened. There are no guarantees. It can go either way. That is The Game. If you open up to the Enlightenment Energy then you are working for good, if not then you are part of the problem.

My feeling when you talk about the Ishaya Ascension techniques is that they are beneficial for you, and if practiced correctly then will tap you into a higher energy. If you are led to do that I say go ahead. At least you will have a lifestyle and a system. I cannot offer that at present. My "ship" like "The Neb" (in The Matrix) is purely functional and designed for a specific purpose - getting people OUT! And I do not even know what I will do next. I am totally a slave to the Energy of Source which is seeking to manifest here in the form of Enlightenment for everyone.

However, if you have time I do recommend that you meet me as soon as is practically possible, or at least to move in that direction, because as Morpheus tells Neo, "Time is always against us."

I have a tremendous amount to achieve and so little time to do it, and so do you, better we start today, so if you go away on a course make sure that you know ultimately where it is going in as much detail as possible.

One of the most important things when you are working inside The Matrix is knowing where your EXIT POINT is.

Anyway, I'd better be going, so much work to do, and such little time. If you want to get clear on something you can request a call (EXIT POINT). You're right! Talking is a way to get Transmission and if we talk about important things like how to Enlighten and Help Others then we will spend our time in the best possible way.

Love Oshana

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