...we might find that all your most troubling doubts and questions are put to bed - forever./span>

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Experience Will Be Your Teacher


Dear Louis,

Thank you for your humorous words - always an acceptable form of Guru Lakshmi (currency) in the these parts...the hard granite streets of London. :-)

(To update the other listeners) We did correspond briefly about your post: I had just returned from a very nice sharing of my Perspective in Glastonbury, and was basically saying 'Hi! I'll reply shortly'. I commented:

[Louis] thanks for your position... one I've met frequently

[Oshana] and you replied

[Louis] It all felt very familiar when I was writing it and I was wondering why I was bothering.

[Oshana] Good! Maybe it is all dropping away naturally - "most definitely" ( in my finest 'India of the Raj' accent and a cool figure of '8' waggle of the head and finger).

Do you still need a reply?

You endeavoured to meet me for an informal meeting in Hyde Park. If we do meet then we might find that all your most troubling doubts and questions are put to bed - forever.

Let's face it: This sort of thing just isn't done over the Net - well, not traditionally! :-)



Dear Oshana no more,

How can you be certain after just 2 months? It would seem to me that it is impossible to prove that something is eternal and infinite. From what position could it be tested, how could you get outside of it to say anything objective about it? You are defining enlightment in your way but it is not the same as others, and even those that declare themselves permanently enlightened differ in their description. From my humble, unenlightened position I think that many that declare their enlightenment are declaring a "state of mind". Similar to an affirmation -

Demonstrating itself as love, freedom, humour and radiance. In the end, I feel anything that can be said is insignificant to what is demonstrated.

It will be interesting to see what happens with you over time. I always felt enlightenment was the beginning of life so lets see how you live it.

Love Louis.

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