I do not claim responsibilty for people waking up I am just happy to be there.

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Yikes, Scooby-Doo! Everyone is Waking Up!

Dear J,

I very much enjoyed the meeting and was fascinated to watch the interactions as they unfolded. There was a real sense of excitement, optimism, clarity and 'being at home' in the room.

Finally, after so many years of seeking, and then giving up, my search ended in an amazing way, but what is more fantastic is seeing this Awakening happening almost everywhere I look (typical English understatement). I easily accept that Awakening is Me but had no idea that it would take off for others in the *way* that it has, though I sensed it could.

One lady, an academic anthropologist who has known me for sometime told me that she saw some sort of guru reverence towards me. I am not aware of this. I never asked for it and it is not part of my culture. I heard that Papaji (Poonja) did not experience ritualised devotion towards himself until late in his life (c.1992) when the influx of Neo-sannyasins brought a new style. He accepted it but did not seek it.

As I said once in a meeting I am not seeking to have my toes flossed with devotional garland - though I am sure that might be pleasurable, perhaps with jasmine flower brocade - come to think of it, maybe I am ....

I do not claim responsibilty for people waking up. I am just happy to be there. It is like being a midwife. What an honour it is to assist in birth!

Anyway, I say all this simply to point out to those not familiar with what is going on that this isn't a devotional trip, though I very gratefully accept the loving support that you and the others have graciously offered. This thing is about people standing on their own two feet - though they still still stand together. People notice that our meetings are very warm and friendly but not clingy and not cold and detached.

I also love that you can tell me of your experience so open and honestly. I am not sure what to say about my name coming as a thought bubble. It sound OK to me. I call out all kinds of names in my sleep, in the shower - my wife doesn't seem to mind :-)

Your experience sounds similar, in someways, to my own. I even call out for 'Oshana' sometimes - but he doesn't always answer - which I almost always find funny. 8-()

When we next meet we can see if this is still relevant. New things will come. These early days are full of such intense and amazing experiences. Afterwards, there will be just so many that they all merge or are quickly forgotten as new ones come.

When the internal struggles stop then the heart fully opens and it is delicious. I am very happy. Let's all go and eat by the cheery log fire at the Spiral Cafe to celebrate.....:-)

Anyway, who is this 'Oshana'? - I'll ask my mum.

love Oshana

Dear Oshana,

Slowly digesting the meeting of Saturday night. Thank you, it was delicious. I want to tell you that during the night before (Friday) I was dreaming, I became aware that I was dreaming and the dream stopped and there was only heightend awareness and there was light without my eyes seeing it and I am aware of my heart area and an irrestible wash of love. Next, was recognition of your presence in this and was surprised to see only one thought bubble out of nowhere which was "Oshana". My body woke up and my eyes opened. I felt content. I closed my eyes and went back to dreamless sleep. That's how I remember this but who knows. Later, I realized that I associated/recognised this awareness to you which is a mystery to me.

Love, J

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