Now, it's Total Liberation or nothing. That is the offer. Of course, people can still meet me and see if this is for them in a Public Introduction Meeting, but they will be quickly and clearly informed about The Next Step

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Enlightenment Teaching: Getting Involved - The Plan

Hi L'

(excuse me I wrote this to you and the list so it might seem a bit odd)

> I can see helping with whatever there is to be done > and I feel a deep and > lasting connection to you.

I feel some trepidation about getting you involved. Is it because you will do too much and overwhelm me with so much extra work? :)

Or will it not fit with your destiny?

So far I have gone easy on you - and everyone - never revealing all of The Plan - I didn't know it, not consciously.

Now is the time to reveal more of The Plan. As much as of it I receive I give to you.

The Energy wants to work through me to give Birth to Enlightenment Teachers. This will be my priority. Few people understand this yet. (This is like when Jesus spoke to His Disciples' they did not understand). The Energy will guide me and decide who we are.

I spoke about this when I was leaving America. Whenever there is a strong teaching situation, that is, where able and committed students are gathered, then the Energy reveals its Plan.

Every time a series of Intensives are held then The Energy makes its Plan known. I suspect that I cannot teach everyone all of the time but will be focussing on those who I am directed to teach. Teaching is by Transmission. The Energetic Transmission completes a missing element in the energy of the Incarnated Form, i.e. the student's energy system. You, of course, understand this from homeopathy.

As these students reach their full potential, another stage of The Plan (The Jigsaw) is opened up and revealed.

Everything is accelerating now. It feels like a cyclone spiraling upwards.

People who try to jump on board before they are ready may get slammed around. Its more important to keep people out than invite them in.

The Ship is a bit like a helicopter that airlifts desperate political refugees to freedom when there is a Coup de TĂȘte (political revolution). Some people are not ready to leave even though this world is clearly doomed.

I say all this, not just to you, but to everyone who needs to perceive what it is that I am doing.

I am not offering "Enlightenment" as if it were "soda and ice" from a drinks machine, where the recipient is in effect saying "Fill me up. Gulp. Gulp. Thanks. Bye."

Under these circumstances Enlightenment will not flow to and through that person.

And my priority is to see people get Enlightenment. There is no time to waste. Everything is ending! Ending! Ending!

We are the last humans to enjoy this planet - if one can fool oneself and label it "enjoyment". From here on it is getting worse. It has been for thousand of years. Now is the bad fruit of those years. The very worst.

If they could but see it, then no-one would want to come back.

Only the Enlightened are crazy enough to see that They will come back. Not to "enjoy" but to save those souls who are offering up their hand in the dark from beneath the icy cold waves of turbulent sea of suffering and illusion - their world.

Each rescue mission requires total focus. The hand must not be let slip. It has been held up for thousands of lifetimes.

This is a very serious matter. The most serious matter. Nothing else matters.

I feel that I will not be given time or resources to do anything but this.

I wanted you, and everyone, to know this.

As Morpheus said to Neo, paraphrasing in essence Jesus (Mt.12:30, Lk.11:23),

"Do you now understand what it means when we say, if you're not one of us, you're one of them?"

This makes complete sense. If we are looking for Truth we have ask "Is it true?"

Now that it has been made clear, now everyone can decide where they line up.

Do you want to give your life to Enlightenment? Will you follow it? Will allow it to flow through you and save individuals?

These issues must be resolved by deep meditation by everyone who wants to continue with me.

At the moment, many people are requesting to visit the UK and receive enlightenment teaching. Do they know what is involved?

At one time, it was enough to distribute Awakenings - but these, while amazing and life-changing, do not give Total Liberation.

Now, it's Total Liberation or nothing. That is the offer. Of course, people can still meet me and see if this is for them in a Public Introduction Meeting, but they will be quickly and clearly informed about The Next Step.

No more lollipops - except for The Workers!

Love Oshana

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