The original aim was to bring Heaven down to Earth but somewhere it all went wrong. The Energy of Enlightenment has been blocked for thousands of years. Keeping us from being aware of expression of Love and Oneness in manifestation.

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Somewhere in human history it all went wrong.

I wanted to know what the reason for urgency is in terms of enlightenment, apart from of course to end our illusion and that of others and therefore be forever in a place of love, but some of the writings made it sound as though time is running out. Why is this? If we are all one "energy" which is love as we call it which is infinite and eternal and things are unfolding as they should then are we really up against it?

Love and peace N...

Hi N,

Good to hear from you and also that our meeting was useful to you.

I understand where you are coming from in what you write and you are asking the right questions.

Many misunderstandings in spiritual teachings have arisen over time that have caused great damage. So many inconsistencies have been carelessly explained away as natural paradoxes.

I suggest that when you find an inconsistency that you hone in on it as you have done. It's in the anomalies that greater precision in understanding will come.

Many spiritual insights and gains are gobbled up by trying to fit them into faulty concepts.

A major cause of misunderstanding, as I have taught many times in public meetings, is failing to distinguish relative truths. The truth that relates to the Unmanifested does not necessarily relate to the Manifested.

In the Unmanifested (Source) everything is perfect, but that does not mean that the Manifested (this Universe)is perfect.

It seems that many teachers and students conspire to focus only on the Unmanifested. That is escapism. It can lead to a dysfunctional lifestyle and a dysfunctional society. If you successfully apply the principles of the Absolute to living in this world then you will not survive long! So no-one does. For example, no-one really believes that everything is perfect as it is, at the material world level, otherwise they would not bother to get out of bed.

To cut a long story short the Source, which you are part of, is wonderful and blissful but the world is not. The original aim is to bring Heaven down to Earth - the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Somewhere in human history, maybe even before, it all went wrong. Now humans live as murderous slaves - unable to feel, love or live happily.

The Energy of Enlightenment, that which would catalyze liberation of self-awareness and clear seeing, has been blocked for thousands of years.

The forces that suppress mankind aim, and generally succeed each day, to completely control and subjugate the spiritual potential of humanity. The War in Iraq, leading millions into a blood-thirsty orgy, is a piece of spiritual black magic, designed to put human blood on the hands on millions of people. Such acts of mass violence make spiritual development more difficult, more painful.

There is much more that The System encourages, funds and supports that which keeps people spiritually numb through UnRightful Living, Action and Thought. To fully see this is so scary that many people would rather not, and they instinctively stay away from spiritual practices in their millions.

If your eyes fully open you could not imagine how much horror over the ages and being perpetrated now that you would see. The spiritual corruption has infected totally the education, medical and food industries.

I generally do not emphasize this information because many people are not ready to see it. We can only usefully talk about that which we have experienced.

Until people can face up to what is really going on at a spiritual level, I will continue to show then the love, light and bliss that comes from an Enlightenment. Only when a person knows that they exist forever, that they cannot walk away from Life on Earth, that there is no escape - only then will they start to really SEE and find a way out, an exit, for everyone who lives in form (in-carnation).

When that which controls, divides and suppresses individuals and people, what innocently is simply called 'ignorance', is removed then you will see Life on Earth fully expressing the Love of the Oneness to which you refer.

We have not seen that expression of Love and Oneness in manifestation, though I have seen it's potential at the pre-manifestation levels. That's another story and another reason why spreading Enlightenment is not only worthwhile but a necessity.

You see, I am a channel so that Love and the Spirit of Oneness can spread to those areas of Oneness that don't know that they are One.

I hope this goes some way to clarify the confusion about things being perfect at this level. They aren't. Though I must admit that I often, like many people, like to lay around and do nothing. Of course, for me, there really is nothing that I need for myself, i.e. my small self, but this work of enlightenment is for the whole. Don't you just love good company, hanging out with awakened, aware people. I do.

Love Oshana

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