Oshana's reply is about the importance of the Enlightenment Group, and contains information from The Matrix, The Bible and The Killing System.



The Enlightenment Group Process

Introduction: Oshana's reply is about the importance of the Enlightenment Group, and contains information from The Matrix, The Bible and The Killing System. It also contains questions and tasks for you to do as you read. Everyone should do them - now!

Hi L...,

The Process is, and perhaps always has been, about the Group. We are One Body - more than we ever let our minds realize.

With growing Awareness you will find this to be true.

As each, or any, member of the Group starts to spin, and spin with more intensity, so too do all of the other members - all of the old programming is thrown out and the new life is drawn in.

[Imagine the Sufi Whirling Dervishes, cogs and wheels on a racing bike, or the circular templates on the drawing game "Spirograph" which draw flower-like patterns based upon spirals]

So really your Process and Practice is the Group - not me - and even if you love this form, Oshana, you must remember that the work of the Group is more important as was shown in "The Matrix" when Tank told Neo that they would "unplug" Morpheus' physical body from The Matrix if the Agents looked likely to break into Morpehus' mind and thereby get the access codes to Zion's mainframe computer.

In other words, they were about to sacrifice their leader to save the Group (The Resistance) but please note very carefully that this is not in the same way as Cypher, or Judas Iscariot in the case of Jesus, betrayed his Group.

The Group is new the New Hope for a Better Future. An antidote to the enveloping darkness on this orbiting space-station, Planet Earth.

Tank: Zion's more important than me or you or even Morpheus.

Morpheus would have died at the hands of the Agents, or their helpers, after they had obtained the access codes. However, if Tank pulled The Plug then they could protect Zion, the last free human city, and so continue their work with The One and all that they learned from Morpheus.

They could still carry on the hope, and more importantly, the mission of Freeing Human Consciousness from The Matrix.

(Inside the Nebuchadnezzar Ship)

Tank: Morpheus, you're more than a leader to us. You're our father. We'll miss you always.

Read the whole section of the script. There are many versions on the Net. Obtain copies of the different versions. Read the whole scripts a few times. See which version you like most. Share your Real Knowledge with the Group.

You are being prepared by Life to meet your Group. You incarnated together all over the world during this age. This Group of Light-Bringers are stars brought together from the far-flung corners of the Universe.

When you directly perceive that then things will be so much clearer. And bonds in the Group will strengthen. Do not force a bond.

Notice which bonds are natural and which are non-existent.

First, you have to make the Final Choice after which there is no going back. Neo had many choices to make before and after the Red Pill moment but the Red Pill was the point of no return.

Make a list of Neo's choices - the critical life-turning crunch points - from memory. Next, read The Matrix movie script. What have been and will be your decision-making crunch points? If you look NOW you will see them all lined up in a sequence waiting for you. Decide them NOW.

DO Question: At what stage in Neo's Mission did Cypher set-up the attack on Morpheus and the Crew of the Nebuchadnezzar? How does this parallel Jesus?

"Cypher" was labelled "Mr Reagan" by Agent Smith. Reagan may be an acronym for "renege" or "renegade" i.e. a turn-coat or traitor.

Answer: Cypher attacked immediately after Neo got his Mission from the Oracle. Cypher knew that Neo was The One. He pretended that he doubted it to both Trinity and Neo. But his real motivation was a desire to serve The Matrix, and he was prepared to betray the whole human race to do it.

Neo now had his Mission Instructions.

Jesus went into the Desert for 40 days to receive his Mission (Ministry). Seekers of Truth always separated themselves from life in the cities. In the cities the hold of the Illusion System is strong.
John the Baptist started his Mission in the Desert.

Q: What is in the Desert?

A: Nothing much.

Even though modern man is afraid of the wilderness it is generally safer than the city. You wouldn't expect to anyone there. But who did Jesus find?

He found the Devil waiting for him.

Q: Remember when Neo left the Oracle who was waiting? CYPHER. Where does this name come from?

A: CYPHER could read The Matrix Code directly. A cypher/cipher is a secret code.

But remember there may be more than one way to read a code.

Q: How much has The Matrix been pulled over our eyes so that we do not understand the full meaning of the words that we use anymore?

Q: What are the names for the Devil?

Lucifer. He was called Lucifer or "Light Bringer" *before* he was cast out of Heaven by the Elohim God(s) in Genesis where upon he is referred to, it is assumed, as Satan or "Adversary".

The Ancient Scriptures are trying to explain something. The writings are a mixture of truth, deceit and confusion.

Anyway, back to Cypher. His name is a play on Lucifer or Lu-cipher = (Lu) Cypher.

Lucifer is reported in Genesis to have betrayed the Elohim God(s) by misleading the first Free Humans, Adam and Eve.

Q: When did the first humans appear, and when were they first misled? You might not have the answer, and Genesis may give an incorrect answer, but you can at least ask The Question.

Trinity: Please just listen. I know why you're here, Neo. I know what you've been doing. I know why you hardly sleep, why you live alone, and why night after night you sit at your computer. You're looking for him. I know, because I was once looking for the same thing. And when he found me, he told me I wasn't really looking for him. I was looking for an answer. It's the question that drives us, Neo. It's the question that brought you here. You know the question just as I did.

Neo: What is the Matrix?

Trinity: The answer is out there, Neo. It's looking for you. And it will find you, if you want it to.

"Devil" spelt backwards is "lived" and "evil" is "live".

Satan, in The Holy Bible, is the Prince of this World. Did he re-create the Earth as a prison and the First-Born Man, Cain, as a perpetual worker for the System?

The Bible says that it was the Elohim God(s) who threw Adam and Eve out of The Garden of Eden. And it was the Elohim God(s) who cursed Cain, the First-Born Man.

Adam and Eve were not wise, mature, or experienced at the time when they were tempted to eat the Fruit of Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil. They were not as intelligent as The Serpent. If the Elohim God(s) are all-knowing then they allowed the Serpent tempt Adam and Eve to fall. It can be noted that the Elohim God(s) did not protect Adam and Eve. In fact, it can be said that Adam and Eve were set-up.

After The Exile from The Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve could not raise Cain as a True Human Being because they had not grown to full maturity. They will ill-equipped and lacked The Three Qualities that all human beings have the potential to develop, but typically never do, i.e. self-awareness, ability and natural purpose.

Adam and Eve, the First Parents, were now accused and accursed, and burdened with guilt and shame. They were unable to function, raise their children with true love or discover their true purpose, abilities and Creator.

Henceforth every human learn about a false Life, God and history.

Question: Are you afraid of Real Enlightenment? Do you prefer to read, muse, hang-out inside your mind, play group politics instead of finding out what is really going on?

The Elohim God(s) now demanded sacrifices from the human beings as payment for their sins and entry back into the Garden of Eden. The Elohim God(s) prefer the corpses of murdered animals over vegetables.

Abel was a sheep farmer. He offered killed sheep to the Elohim God(s) and they accepted them. Cain offered vegetables and they rejected them, and suggested that Cain should copy Abel's standard.

Cain and Abel had a conversation. We do not know what or why happened but it is recorded by someone writing apparently for that Cain killed Abel.

The Elohim God(s) responded angrily to the loss of their animal-corpse producing worker and passed sentence on the First-Born Man, Cain, who with his wife, had to flee from that land.

Cain rejected the Elohim God(s) Killing System. The Elohim God(s) Book claims that Cain, who respected animal life, was a human killer, and should be despised by all men.

Cain may have been the first Enlightened Man.

Today, no man or woman can feel welcome in the world's major cities.

Children are being trained to be killers.

The #1 Playstation TV game is all about killing people. It is graphical, bloody and violent. It has a popular music soundtrack, and is played by children as young as 4 years old.

Today human beings don't even get to live let alone get enlightened.

Enlightenment is forever. Not only for this life. When a soul reaches full maturity it becomes fully enlightened. Planet Earth is a tough place to find, acquire and practice Enlightened Living.

In our Group there can be no jealousy. The best behaviour is to assist another soul in finding, acquiring and practising Enlightened Living.

Anyone who obstructs another's Enlightenment or expression of Enlightenment is hurting Life.

Simon Peter denied Jesus three times and cried.

Judas Iscariot sold Jesus to murderers, threw away the money, and then killed himself.

Mansour's disciple cried everyday for ten years. He had not directly betrayed his Master. He threw a rose which he had bought for Mansour, instead of rocks which the lynch mob were throwing. Mansour did not feel any of the rocks, but continued to look up at Heaven. But Mansour felt the Disciple's rose hit him, and reacted as if it were a rock. Mansour immediately turned with tears of betrayal and love in his eyes looked at his Disciple.

You exist for everyone in the Group. Every night I consciously link to all Potentials and get Guidance from the Energy which is then expressed in Teaching and Transmission. It's easier when we meet regularly.

Q: Have you noticed that it is easier to do the Energy Exercises, cooking and diet when we are all together?

So The Group will find a way to be together. You will also learn to walk the Path alone sometimes so that you know what others face when you become a Teacher. There are doors that you have to go through alone. But you are all luckier than me because I had no-one to help me, unlike you who all have someone who is available 24 hours a day.

I am compiling a list of students and for each one have specific Energy Work advice.

Compile a list of the recipes and energy food combinations that you learned to share with those who could not fit in the kitchen. Many students are following a pure energy food diet and would like more information ASAP.

We also need to co-ordinate the next series of get-togethers/meetings and how we will allocate the time. There is much more to learn, more and more everyday. You should hear more about this soon. If you get involved in making it happen then it will happen more quickly and closer to where you live.

I hope this answer makes clear that your future work is with the Group. We can make that picture clearer and clearer. Your Group is International but some of your Work maybe local.

From your time in Helsinki you will have clearly perceived that the Energy reveals itself to the Group. So stay close the Group. The Transmission is also becoming more intense. This is just the beginning. In the future it will not be so easy for new people to join the group unless they have been prepared by The Energy in advance.

For yourself, expect more trials, tribulations and triumphs until all egoic-impurities are burned away.

love, Oshana

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Larry and Andy Wachowski April 8, 1996

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