There is a vast invisible of energy exchanges - like locks on a canal - that filter down from Being to Physicality and that is what is moving in the Meetings

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Incredible Lightness of Being (and Curry Eating)

[Questioner] This is a response to reading this guy's experience of a deep rest inside. I too had an experience of deep peace and rest for 6 days after being with John de Ruiter in Amsterdam and then it went away. I think I wanted it to stay too much, as it was such a rest from my usual chaotic inner space. Now it has gone, I am in an even worse space, so it seems, where I am constantly agitated inside and very unhappy, knowing this way of being exists deep inside and yet I am no longer experiencing it, therefore I think it has gone. I feel weak and fed up with life being such a struggle, especially when I know there is another way. got any wise words for me Oshana? love j...

[Oshana] Dear Lady J... of the Royal Name,

It is such a shame that every time I come to Bristol I hear you are doing something else like having an Indian Take-away or painting a room. Still, I can't say that I haven't been seduced by the lure of an Indian curry - as I was - famously once: moving way from my I.T. job as I fantasised about all the amazing dishes that I could have as I half-bathed topless by the side of Ganges instead of listening to the usual talk of mortgages, managers and The Mrs. at company lunch-time.

Then there is the Post-Meeting Trieste, the pain of moving away from a bliss-filled environment that tends to be part of the furniture around an Awakened Person. I understand that you don't want to be on that Roller Coaster. Perhaps, it's worse than going thru Relationships.

So this what I mean by `Hitching a Ride' or `Riding in the Slip Stream' of an Energetic Person. They make you aware of Space in the same way that the movie "ET" did when you were younger. Problem, is when the movie ends then you are left with what?.just an empty popcorn box, bleary eyes and the harsh sunlight of reality. The thing is, the Space is there through it all, the thick and the thin.

All that just goes to indicate why I get people to come to meeting. Far more goes on there than just pleasant exchanges and joking (for the record, I only made one joke in my last meeting). For there is a vast invisible of energy exchanges - like locks on a canal - that filter down from Being to Physicality and that is what is moving in the Meetings, well I wasn't consciously aware of all that before, so it can only be revealed now. So it's better to be there and say nothing than buy the tape and sing to it in the bath, though you can do that and get IT too! (Which is why perhaps all the tapes and magazines have gone and are constantly having to stock up.)

Anyway, enough of this Internet hob-nobbing

[Questioner] hi Oshana, when i saw you in Bristol, I said about being in a space, state of grace for a week after seeing john, then bang, back into my ego reality, you said I was hitching a ride off the back of a teacher. The experience of grace has still faded, but the knowing remains that it is there, inside of the chaos is gurgling of my whole life. That gives me frustration because I like the ease that comes with the grace space I found myself in and this other space is struggle. What do you mean hitching a ride off John?? It was great to meet you and will do again , I'm sure! love j... in Bristol.

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